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Atlanta User Groups

Atlanta User Groups

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I am amazed at how some of the guys from the Atlanta C# and Atlanta .NET User Groups always seem to talk about various events going on around ATL, mostly in free user groups.  Here are a list of the Atlanta User Groups that I know about.  If you know of more, please let me know in comments.  For instance, I cannot find the PocketPC user group's information, and there used to be a BackOffice User Group that I cannot locate anymore.

Atlanta .NET User Group -

Atlanta C# Study Group -

Atlanta VB Study Group -

Atlanta Microsoft Database Forum -

Atlanta XML User Group -

MIDAS Atlanta -

Atlanta FoxPro User Group -

Agile Atlanta User Group -


And a couple user groups for those interested in Java, particularly in hearing about interop.

Atlanta Java User Group -

Atlanta Struts User Group -

BEA dev2dev Atlanta User Group -

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