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Changes in System.Xml in Beta 2

Changes in System.Xml in Beta 2

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If you currently have code that uses XSLT and you are anticipating a move to Whidbey, be advised that the XslTransform class is obsoleted, replaced by XsltCommand.  The XsltArgumentList class will continue to live for passing parameters to XSLT stylesheets.

Note also that the .NET Framework 2.0 will not ship with an XQuery implementation.  There will continue to be XQuery support in SQL Server 2005, code-named "Yukon".

For more information on the changes in System.Xml, see the list of changes in Beta 2 by Dare Obasanjo, PM for System.Xml.

  • "replaced by XsltCommand", which is renamed to XslCompiledTransform :)
  • Kirk, are most people finding Beta 1 stable enough to build production code? I have a tiny piece of work (about five screens) that I am hoping to use ASP.Net 2.0 and SQL Express 2005 with.

    Do you know roughly when Beta 2 ships?
  • Absolutely, Beta 1 is stable enough to build production code, so long as you don't run into any bugs :)

    There is not a go-live license yet for .NET Framework 2.0 code, although there are companies that participate in our early adopter programs. I have not seen anything publicly announced regarding a timeframe for a Beta 2 release.

    If your company is considering .NET Framework 2.0 for an upcoming project, then you should contact your local Developer Evangelist to see how you can participate in the TAP program. This program allows you to get early releases of Visual Studio 2005, access to early adopter resources, and also allows you to provide feedback on features and functionality. You also work closely with the Developer and Platform Evangelism group to ensure a successful delivery while your team receives plenty of training.
  • Thanks Kirk,

    There is no team, just me and a trivial two week project. It is an ideal low-risk opportunity to try 2.0. I'll contact Doug if the big-man buys in.
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