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Atlanta Bloggers OPML

Atlanta Bloggers OPML

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My growing list of Atlanta bloggers... let me know if you are in the Atlanta area and I didn't get your blog included.
  • Thanks for sharing it -- nice list.
  • Thanks for posting the list. FYI: Keith's feed is filtered to only games in your OPML.

  • Added Jerry (sorry, Jerry!), and fixed Keith's feed.
  • Can you add me (Josh Robinson - to your list of Atlanta bloggers? Thanks!
  • Rather than reply to each one indicating that I fixed it, note the updates in the file linked. If you aren't added within a couple days of responding, then email me. kirke at microsoft dot com.
  • Can you add me too?

  • Add me. And how about a Atlanta bloggers dinner?
  • Added Sean.

    About the Atlanta bloggers dinner... the problem so far has been in coordinating schedules. I have talked with Doug, Quent, and Glen about it, but picking a date seems to be the problem. I am working on that... stay tuned.
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