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The Problem of Working with Multiple Virtual PC Images

The Problem of Working with Multiple Virtual PC Images

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This is going to take awhile...
  • hehehe.... nice work!
  • I use vmware, and there is an option when creating your virtual disk hardware to pre-allocate the entire space. When you do this, the entire size of the virtual disk file is reserved, and never gets moved through normal use of the VM. You can defrag once (after creating it) and never worry about it again.

    Maybe VPC has a similar feature?

    Of course the downside is that you have to pre-allocate the entire drive image.
  • I wonder if Differencing Disks would help? I haven't moved to them yet, but I'm thinking it might simplify things as my VPC images multiply.
  • I haven't tried differencing disks yet, but just watched this demo to see how it can be used...

    This definitely will lighten the load on my machines, as I typically have at least 5 different VPCs on each machine, differing in setup. Sweet!
  • Since joining Microsoft, I have been hardware challenged, putting it lightly.
    I joined Microsoft 2 years...
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