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What Does a Developer Evangelist Do, Anyway?

What Does a Developer Evangelist Do, Anyway?

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What does a Developer Evangelist do?  Talk.  A lot.  Sometimes, I even get to code, but then I have to talk about it.

Here is a rough schedule for this week:

  • 2/2/2005 - Speaking at an SOA conference in Atlanta on "What's New for Web Services in .NET 2.0." 
  • 2/3/2005 - Meeting a customer in the morning to discuss our roadmap for ASMX, WSE, and Indigo.  Meeting a rep from an ISV to discuss web services integration with their product around lunch time.  In the afternoon, I am going to another customer site to review their architecture that will integrate with MQSeries from a .NET application.
  • 2/4/2005 - Presenting on WSE 2.0, focusing on the KerberosToken2 type to a customer.  Somewhere in here, I need to find the time to code an example on how to create an Item Template in Visual Studio that would allow a developer to add a SoapService to their project.  I also need to code a couple quick ASP.NET examples using a DataGrid and send it to a customer.
  • 2/5/2005 - Presenting on WSE 2.0 at the Florida Code Camp.

This is actually a pretty light week, since I am able to reuse several presentations (or at least a large portion of them).  This doesn't cover the number of phone calls and emails that I need to follow up on projects customers have outstanding and the amount of activity reporting that I have neglected over the past several months.

  • Will you make your 2/2 slides & demos available? That talk sounds great!
  • I wonder who the 2/3 morning meeting is with...

    Oh ya... ;)
  • I used a modified version of Yasser Shohoud and Matt Tavis' TechEd 2004 presentation for the "What's New for Web Services in .NET 2.0" presentation. The slide and demo code can be found at:

    The information is very similar to Yasser's article, which also covers the NetTunes demo on the link above.
  • How come you don't get to be like those consultants on the UPS commercial? "we don't actually "do" what it is we propose, we just propose it." :)

    Thanks for the lowdown, cool to see what you have been up to.
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