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Cool Command-Line Stuff

Cool Command-Line Stuff

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I love command-line stuff that helps me develop software quicker.  Here are a couple commands that will make your development life a little easier.  Got any more?  Leave a comment with a command line utility that really helps you with your job.

General Tasks

Find all ports listening over TCP (great for seeing if a service is listening over TCP correctly):

netstat -a  -n -o -p TCP | findstr LISTENING

List all processes currently using .NET:

tasklist /m "mscor*"

.NET Utilities

Find an assembly by name or other attribute in the Global Assembly Cache

gacutil /l | FINDSTR your_find_value_here

Specify a parameters file for WSDL.exe

wsdl.exe /par:Your_parameters_file_here

Create a script for configuring SQL Server for all ASP.NET 2.0 features. 

aspnet_regsql -A all -sqlexportonly your_sql_script_file_here


  • The easiest way to find the process id is using

    tlist | FINDSTR /I CMD.

    I know lot of them use the sql client using the windows authentication or using username /password

    osql /E or osql /u sa /p asdasd . This command could be saved as .bat file for sql client connection.

    The batch file would open the sql client connected to the database instead of typing the connection properties every time.

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