I will be speaking at the Microsoft Security Summit this Thursday at the Cobb Galleria on "Microsoft eXtended: Microsoft’s Vision for Computing featuring IIS7, Vista, And IE7."  This is going to be a great session, showing off the security features of each of the 3 products, and it is packed with demos. 

If you are interested in going, there still seems to be a few spots left.  Click here to register!

At Security Matters: Microsoft Security Summits 2006 you'll learn about key trends for IT security. Attendance for these one-day conferences is FREE.

At The Security Summits you'll...

  • Learn about key trends in IT security
  • Discover how to prepare for new security technologies
  • Find out what Microsoft is doing with security
  • Speak with peers about specific security topics
  • Gain knowledge from security keynote speakers

You will also hear from the US Chief Security Advisor General Manager, Bret Arsenault, during the opening Keynote. At the end of the Keynote, we will raffle off 100 signed copies of Steve Riley’s “Protect Your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data”.

You can see more about the agenda and logistics information at https://www.ustechsregister.com/securitymatters/main.asp?EV=491.