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JoeT Just Ain’t The Guy

JoeT Just Ain’t The Guy

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What a lost season. UGA looked decent, but not great, against South Carolina. Since that game, Georgia has looked pretty lackluster.

Joe Tereshinski was hurt during the South Carolina game, which coincided with the alumni rumble to have the new hot-shot Stafford throw the ball. Stafford threw against Colorado, and barely kept alive until Cox came into the game and saved his arse. A weak showing against Colorado? We just knew that our beloved Dawgs haven't seen a contender yet, but we struggled against who we thought was an easy win. Is it possible that UGA is overrated this year?

The Georgia Bulldogs' first real test is tonight against Tennessee. For the first half, we were looking so great. But all of a sudden, it looks like Tennessee is scrimmaging a freaking high school team in red helmets. Interception… missed 3rd down conversion… penalty… interception… penalty. C'mon, Georgia? Are you kidding me?

The Bulldogs had 2 nice special teams' returns: One an 86 yard punt return and another a 100 yard kick return.

Ainge from Tennessee is just making Georgia look like amateurs. Which sucks because he doesn't look that good. Which sucks worse because he doesn't look good enough to beat Florida, which bodes really badly for Georgia against Florida YET AGAIN. I AM SO SICK OF LOSING TO FLORIDA!!!!

Great, it's final as final can get. Tennessee just scored again. They brought in Stafford to get a few snaps… great. Let him get a taste of what he has to face next year. Maybe by then Mark Richt can figure out a) who is going to be the team's damned quarterback, and b) if he trusts his team enough to throw the damned ball (90th in the nation for passing offense for a top 10 team?!?!)

Tonight was a must-win game. Tennessee lost to Florida, and Urban Meyer figured out how to keep his team undefeated so far (even against Tennessee). Tonight was a fight for second place in the SEC, which Georgia just lost.

Auburn loses to Arkansas. LSU loses to Florida. Georgia loses to Tennessee. Today couldn't have gone worse for the SEC.

  • When I was hosting a sports talks how in Rome, Georgia I had made the comment that The University of Georgia football program is the most underachieving in college football in the past 20 years..The fans are completely arrogant and their chance of ever being a premier program are not that great because they refuse to play the premier programs on their non-conference schedule....

    Last night, Tennessee "ripped Georgia a new one" again proving my point that building your season on a pansy pre-conference schedule will always work against Georgia and Mark Richt will never be another Bobby Bowden...

    When will Georgia fans get over themselves and the fact that Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, who actually play premier programs outside the conference, will always be better than the Bulldogs...DO NOT be surprised if Georgia loses four games...Vince Dooley is gone, Herschel Walker is gone so please get over that brief success of the past and put the pressure on the school to stop playing The Sisters Of The Poor, Oklahoma PolyTech, oh and why not put Georgia Southern back on the schedule since they are no longer a power..?

    So you lose a non-conference game to a Notre Dame, Texsa, Ohio State, Michigan, USC or another premier program and so its hurts your feelings that your not 5-0 going into conference play, but just think of the respect that your program might gain just by getting the incredible exposure of a premier match up...?  OH never mind, I forgot Georgia football fans are under the impression that they are already respected and that the world revolves around the hedges....And did you ever come to realized that 5 other colleges in the country have hedges around thier fields...?

    Please forward this to every Georgia fan that you know because they will not respond because they know deep down inside thier close-minded, arrogant, little UGA IV hearts that I am right, so Georgia plans please sit down and watch the rest of the SEC go by....

    America is sitting ready to flush your crap at anytime

  • You think you're tired of Florida winning?  Imagine how I feel.

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