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LiveMeeting Add-In for Office 2007

LiveMeeting Add-In for Office 2007

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There's a really useful add-in for Office 2003 that lets you schedule LiveMeeting sessions directly from Outlook. I lived by this tool using Windows XP and Office 2003. One of the first painful realizations of dogfooding Office 2007 was that I lost this capability. It honestly got to the point that I have started to just do less and less LiveMeeting sessions because the scheduling and invitation capabilities of the web interface just are painful to me.

No more stumbling through the web UI for LiveMeeting… there's an update for the LiveMeeting add-in that supports Office 2007 and Vista.

 You can almost smell the virtual evangelism engine cranking back up.

  • Thanks, we've been waiting for the update on this for a while... Just rolled it out to our deployment websites!

    So, did you like the Mexican food last night?

  • OK, I'm just puzzled now:  after uninstalling and reinstalling several times, I still can't find any Outlook integration.  The rest of the Office apps work correctly...

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