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Silverlight for Web Hosting Companies

Silverlight for Web Hosting Companies

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With all the buzz around Silverlight and developing games and cool media demos, you don't hear much about what it takes to host Silverlight apps.  And for good reason: that's because it's a client-side technology.  Since Silverlight is a browser technology, it is server-agnostic and can be hosted on a variety of server platforms: LAMP, UNIX, and IIS.  However, the type of media you deliver has implications on hosting configurations and has impact on how the operations guys set up the servers. Anyone with a public facing web site will want to include some type of analytics package, and Silverlight makes that incredibly easy. 

Michael Scherotter, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, will be presenting a webcast session on Silverlight for Web Hosting Companies Friday, September 28th, 2007 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific Time.  Even if you don't work in a hosting company, you will find this information relevant and useful.  Here are some topics that will be addressed:

  • Integrating with Web Analytics
  • MIME Types
  • Media Types
  • Streaming vs. Progressive download
  • Additional Services around RIA construction

Michael's been doing a lot of work around Silverlight and web anaytics, he has a lot of useful information to share in this session.  For more information, check-out Michael’s blog at

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