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UGA Beats Alabama in Tuscaloosa... Go Dawgs!

UGA Beats Alabama in Tuscaloosa... Go Dawgs!

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I was really dismayed about UGA's loss to South Carolina, knocking us down to 22 in the rankings.  Last week, they looked good, but it wasn't really a question going in who should have won.  But today... UGA came through in overtime and beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa 26-23. 

Admittedly, Alabama looked great in the 4th quarter.  We were winning by 10, they got a field goal, we punted, then they drove something mad like 89 yards over 12 plays for a touchdown to tie it up.  Nick Saban is a great coach, and Bama's offensive coordinator made a great decision to throw the bomb twice in a row after missing the first time. 

Bama kicked a field goal in OT to make it 20-23.  But then Matthew Stafford throws this beautiful touchdown pass to the left corner, I swear it looked like the "hobnail boot" call against Tennessee... "it's in the corner!"  This one would have made Munson light another cigar (the last one was when we beat Florida about 5 years ago).

I am such a fan of Nick Saban and Alabama that I actually would not have been very heartbroken about losing to them.  I really do want to see the Bama dynasty come back.  Hell, someone has to eventually knock USC down.  Would be great if it were the Crimson Tide.  But it would be even sweeter if it were my Georgia Bulldogs.

And by the way...the doofus announcer that, during a tense moment in overtime, decideds to ask "I've got a question, what's Britney up to?"  The other announcer says, "Who?!?"  The first doofus, "Britney Spears... what's she doing with her career now?"  Dear Lord, dude!  You aren't on E!, you are announcing an SEC smashmouth football game!  Get off the air if that's the best color commentary you can come up with in one of the most dramatic moments of a huge contest like this.

And this the first game in 42 years that Larry Munson (voice of the Georgia Bulldogs) did not travel with the Dawgs.  Hope you are well, Larry.


Update:  Ryan posted a video clip on his blog... stealing the video clip here:


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  • That was a great game.  Don't feel bad about losing to the head ball coaches game.  Just be glad you weren't a Michigan fan the first two weeks of the season.

    What was up with that announcer?!  I thought there had to have been some reason he said thqat- like he was about to introduce a tv promo or something.  It was OVERTIME.  what was he thinking?  

  • @Ryan - thanks for posting the clip of the announcer on your blog(  

    When the announcer said that, I looked over at my wife like "Wha?!?"  Of all the things he could have commented on with the 15 or so seconds that he was working with:

    1)  Number of contests between UGA and Bama

    2)  Nick Saban's record in OT play

    3)  Georgia's history in clutch plays

    4)  Mark Richt's record on the road

    5)  The possibility of missing the first play and Koutu nailing the field goal

    6)  Mark Richt and Nick Saban's coaching careers in SEC conference play

    Nope... he picks Britney Spears.

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