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OMG!!! UGA Wins Against Florida!!!!

OMG!!! UGA Wins Against Florida!!!!

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HOLY CRAP!!!!  Urban Meyer throws his headphones (a la Spurrier throwing his visor), and UGA wins against Florida, 42-30!!! Knowshon Moreno was undoubtedly the player of the game, and ESPN had BETTER show UGA having the winning Game Changing Play. 

I am floored.  I bet against UGA today.  I bet against Boston College on Thursday.  Who freaking cares!!!  UGA BEAT FLORIDA!!!!

Today is truly a day that God has made.  It has to be, else there's no way that UGA (20) could have beat Florida (9).

Update: YouTube shows a decent recap of the game. GO DAWGS!!!

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  • Can't wait for the YouTube posting of the celebration in the end zone after the first score.  Disrespectful?  Hell no... that was pure celebration for a team that has had their teeth kicked in for too many years.  Georgia deserved it, GO DAWGS!

  • the rightful order of nature has been restored.  cats and dogs no longer live in sin, and global warming will be reversed.

  • all the florida fans is going to use tim tebows sholder was hurt thats why we lost.go ahead yall still lost a win is a win and a lose is a lose.there is more than 1 person on a team u cant always depend on one person to win the game for u.

  • florida sucks, go ducks!

  • I was in Jacksonville at the game dude and it was totally awesome! I went nuts when all the players went onto the field. It's about time we start winning down there every year again.


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