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UGA to play Hawaii? Was USC that afraid of getting beaten?

UGA to play Hawaii? Was USC that afraid of getting beaten?

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I have to give props to Hawaii, the only team to go undefeated.  But seriously, look at who they played:

Northern Colorado. Louisiana Tech.  UNLV.  Charleston Southern.  Great schedule, guys... I think you missed the St. Mary's Boys' College in that schedule to round out a tough year.

And now UGA gets to play them in the Sugar Bowl, which I am sure will barely warrant 5 seconds on the College Gameday ticker.  When UGA dismantles Hawaii and hands them their first loss, everyone will just say, "well, yeah... this was an unfair matchup to begin with."

Of course it's unfair.  UGA should be dismantling USC in the Rose Bowl.

The Rose Bowl organizers, according to Herbstreit, "went with tradition."  USC was a given in to get the Rose Bowl bid, and, well, the organizers couldn't bear to see UGA hand USC their helmets on their home turf.  It's kind of like scheduling your homecoming game... you don't want to schedule that against a sure loss.

I would have absolutely loved to see UGA whoop USC, get showered with roses, and make Kirk Herbstreit talk about it.  Of course, he would never recognize UGA's dominance.  Look at his broadcasts throughout the year... he might give Knowshon Moreno some props (you can't ignore him), but most of Herbstreit's talk is about where the opponent failed rather than UGA prevailed. 

It is more than slightly disturbing that one guy had such an effect on the final BCS standings

UGA should be playing USC.  There's no way that Herbstreit would be able to ignore Georgia for that game, because USC is his alma mater.  But now, since UGA has been pushed to the corner like a misbehaving school kid in a non-bowl against an undeserving team, there will be little coverage of the game other than to quickly announce the final score.

UGA should be playing USC, but the Rose Bowl organizers just can't bear to see the Trojans publicly flogged.

Hope that all of this saved your job, Herbstreit, for your monumental screw up against LSU's Miles.

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  • Um, Herbstreit didn't go to USC.  He went to Ohio State.

  • For all of his fawning on USC, I would have sworn that he was a USC alum, but you're right... he was QB for Ohio State, not USC.

  • I am pretty sure it had more with having a Big Ten vs Pac-10 matchup than your conspiracy theory against Georgia.

    I watched the Georgia/Florida game and they are a good football team, but they have no one to blame but themselves.  That loss to a horrible South Carolina team prevented them from getting to the SEC Championship game.

  • The Rose Bowl could not have taken Georgia if they wanted to. Check some facts before ranting about conspiracy.

  • Facts were checked before I posted, thanks!

    Yes, they could have picked UGA, according to Mitch Dorger, CEO of the Rose Bowl.

    The Rose Bowl organizers *chose* not to pick UGA.  They chose to pick Illinois due to the Big 10 - Pac 10 tradition, not out of obligation.

    The Dawgs were not obligated to go to the Sugar Bowl since they didn't win the SEC Championship.  

  • Check page 7 in the guidelines I linked to. More specifically, rule 3c.

    "When two bowls lose host teams [that would be the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl], then the bowl losing the number one team may not select a replacement team from the same Conference as the number two team, unless the bowl losing the number two team consents."

    Since the Rose Bowl lost the number one team (OSU), if they wanted to select a team from the same Conference as the number two team (LSU), they would need consent from the Sugar Bowl. Maybe they asked, maybe they didn't, but either way the Sugar Bowl had the final say.

  • Dude you sound like a crybaby, and the guy correcting your "facts" is right: Sugar had final say. And Herbstreit a USC alum? Do you really follow college football? You're kind of embarrassing, brah.

    Go Dawgs.

  • Come on now. Do UGA fans really have memories that short ? You got rolled by Tenn, lost at home to SC and escaped Vandy. You also didn't win your conference, which unfortunately, USC did. Beat South Carolina and you aren't having to debate anything

  • I agree. I hope my Dawgs will do a better job next season in winning each and every game and controlling our on destiny.

    A couple of questions I have.

    1) Why did we not start using Knowshon Moreno earlier in the season before Thomas Brown got injured?

    2) Caleb King was redshirted this season. My hope is that we play him, right off the bat, next season along with Moreno.

    Does anyone have any thoughts are these two points?




  • Hawaii doesn't play in a power conference but don't underestimate them. They beat Boise State this year. You might want to ask some Oklahoma fans what they thought of Boise State last year (both before and after the games). You could also ask Michigan about App State.

    If you want to think about basketball, you could ask Michigan State, North Carolina and Connecticut what they thought about George Mason in 2006.

    I'm not claiming that Hawaii would beat Georgia in a best of seven series. In one game, I'd be a bit more reserved about my expectations.

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