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The Story of the Ribbon

The Story of the Ribbon

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The more I talk about SharePoint to customers, the more I end up talking about Office 2007 and, inevitably, The Ribbon.


While I enthusiastically show Office 2007 and explain The Ribbon as one of my favorite features (yes I really do love the Ribbon), I have also come to anticipate at least one person asking bluntly, “Why the hell do you guys feel it necessary to put programs through the menu randomizer each time you release a new version of software?” 

Jensen Harris posts a brilliant talk where he explains the history of Office and how The Ribbon came to be in his post, “The Story of the Ribbon.”

Treat yourself for an hour… the talk is entertaining and helps illustrate the importance of focusing on the user’s expectations.

  • +1 on this Kirk, Jensen's story is very cool and I've used it a number of times to talk about the benefits you get as a developer on our platform. 10s of thousands of hours and millions of dollars of usability testing, all included in the price of admission.

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