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SharePoint Developer Series Part 1: Introducing VSeWSS 1.3

SharePoint Developer Series Part 1: Introducing VSeWSS 1.3

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SharePointDevPart1_large_ch9[1]I just posted Part 1 of a series of SharePoint for Developers screencasts that show developers how to use the Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 1.3 to build and deploy assets for SharePoint.  In this screencast, I focus mainly on the deployment aspects of VSeWSS 1.3 that are common across tasks, including:

  • Step-through debugging with VSeWSS
  • Deployment step logging
  • Using WSPView
  • Separate build, deploy, retract, and package menu items in Visual Studio
  • Command-line build commands for deploy, package, and retract
  • Conflict resolution for identically-named features
  • Generating solutions from existing sites or lists

I’ll be posting additional screencasts in this series as well.  In the meantime, go download the VSeWSS 1.3 February 2009 CTP and kick the tires!

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  • Cool. Any idea when this will be available for release. I am embarking on a new project in April 2nd week and would like to know if I can make use of this.


  • I am checking to see if there's anything that can be shared.  In the meantime, you should feel confident about using the current February CTP.

  • Kirk, good job.  Very compelling!

  • @Kris - I replied on another post, but I believe you can expect the final release in about 4 months.  Check for announcements and updates.

  • @Kirk - thanks!  BTW - you guys at ThreeWill rock.  Love the site,  

  • We have worked hard to listen and respond to the feedback from SharePoint Developers on VSeWSS. After

  • Pri Microsoftu so izdali nov nabor razvojnih orodij za razvoj SharePoint modulov v Visual Studiu 2008

  • I'm interested in the best practice for developing usercontrols wrapped in webparts. Previous versions required hacks and deployment wasn't very intuitive.  Does version 1.3 offer a better solution for leveraging VS2008 usercontrols?  Thanks.

  • @Kevin - can you expand a bit more?  The only issue that I know of is that you need to develop the UserControl (ASCX) in a separate instance of Visual Studio if you want WYSIWYG development support.  See steps here:

  • Kirk, thanks for the quick reply.

    The forementioned article was a little light on the details, so I read the manual :)  yeah like most men I suffer from "manualitis"!!

    Section on Creating the <b>Asp.Net User Control</b> couldn't be any clearer.

  • Awesome, great that you found the info.  Yeah, the Patterns & Practices guys did a fantastic job with the SharePoint guidance.

  • Part 3 of the SharePoint for Developers screencast series is posted to Channel9, “ Expression Blend and

  • Two more screencasts have been published in the SharePoint for Developers screencast series . The series

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