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Installing VSeWSS 1.3

Installing VSeWSS 1.3

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I’ve seen a few questions asking how to install VSeWSS 1.3.  This post walks you through it.

First, download VSeWSS 1.3.  The February 2009 CTP is available here.  Once you’ve downloaded it, run the executable.

Once the installer is running, you are greeted with the welcome page.


Click next.  Then you’ll see the EULA page.


Select the checkbox and click next.  Then you are prompted with the install directory.  I left the default.  Click next.


Click next.

Here’s the screen that causes questions. 


The installer needs to create a web site to host a WCF service.  That WCF web service needs administrative privileges because it will be performing administrative tasks.  The application for the web service will be created for you, but the installer needs you to specify an IIS application pool that is running as a user in the local Administrators group.  By default, the installer will choose the same application pool that Central Administration uses.  Since this is going to be used on a development server (you wouldn’t install VSeWSS on a production box), it’s probably OK to accept the defaults and just hit “Next”.

Finally, you will see a screen to start the installation.


Click “Install”.

After a few seconds you should see the screen update…


If you’re patient, you should see the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy screen at the end of the rainbow.


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  • I have installed and it is working fine on my VM. Once again I want to find out any information on the release dates. As a team lead, if I have to provide the management with a date - I would really, really appreciate if you can provide some timelines.


  • I believe the final realease should be in the next 4 months.  Watch for announcements.  

  • hi i tried to install on a 2008server with moss and the cumulativ februar update. i was able to install it without problem, i can use all the vs tools but not the solution generator (i get->on the webservice page an HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found) same on a 2003 server works fine. have you any idea what is wrong on my system? (vsewss 1.2 works fine on

    thx for helpthe same system including solution generator)

  • @thomas - sorry, I am not sure what the problem might be.  Your best bet when looking for help is to post to the Forums:

  • Thomas,

    you need to register WCF with IIS and update its scriptmaps. to do this,

    navigate to %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\ and execute

    ServiceModelReg.exe -i

    more info on this tool can be found here:

    hope this helps.

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