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AT&T Using Silverlight for Live Streaming of PGA Masters

AT&T Using Silverlight for Live Streaming of PGA Masters

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clip_image001Watch the Masters on AT&T Fan Zone. The 73rd Masters Tournament will be available live on the AT&T Fan Zone from some of Augusta National's most famous vantage points. Masters fans will be able to simultaneously watch live video streams of Amen Corner, the 15th & 16th holes and other on-demand Tournament highlights.

On Wednesday, AT&T began its live coverage of the 73rd PGA Masters tournament using Silverlight.  AT&T also released a new interactive application for its U-verse subscribers providing a unique interactive TV experience.

This is hugely important because it is yet another example of how large companies are using Silverlight for Major Live events. It is also important example of how customers can use third-party technologies such as Move Networks to enhance the broadcast.

Live coverage of the tournament online will be available through Sunday. For times and schedules please visit -

Go Silverlight!

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  • The real Masters site used Flash for all of it's streaming and it worked great; guess Microsoft couldn't bribe them enough to use Silverlight.  Also, with the news of dumping Silverlight for Flash, it's showing there's still an uphill battle for Microsoft.  Unless your company is a .NET company, there's no real reason to choose Silverlight over Flash at the moment; and this is coming from a person who has been working on a team developing a Silverlight app for the past 6 months.

  • Great that the real Masters site used Flash and it worked.  The AT&T experience was incredible, with ability to watch between multiple vantage points and switch quickly between them while still watching the other 2 was a big bonus, especially on Sunday.

    I wasn't involved with, I can't comment on what's going on there.  However, there are plenty of large customers (Netflix namely) that are having great success with Silverlight.  The success of the Presidential Inauguration site and the Olympics proves that Silverlight is more than ready for prime time.

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