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SharePoint for Developers Part 5 – Columns, Content Types, and Lists

SharePoint for Developers Part 5 – Columns, Content Types, and Lists

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Part 5 of the SharePoint for Developers screencast series is posted to Channel9, this session focuses on creating custom field controls, content types, and lists. Previous screencasts can be accessed at

Honestly, there’s no code to really post here.  During the demos, I use Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 1.3, which generates the XML and code on my behalf.  I only wrote a handful of lines of code in this screencast, the rest is spent configuring what VSeWSS provides and makes so much easier for me.  This screencast is definitely worth watching, as it shows how to use a whole bunch of features of VSeWSS 1.3, and should show both novices and experts how much easier VSeWSS makes things.

Head on over to Channel9 and check out the screencast, SharePoint for Developers Part 5 – Columns, Content Types, and Lists

For More Information

SharePoint for Developers Part 5 – Columns, Content Types, and Lists (screencast)

Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, v1.3 - Mar 2009 CTP

Building Custom Field Types in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Building Custom Content Types in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

SharePoint DevWiki – SharePoint Lists – contains great tutorials on working with lists and receivers

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  • Two more screencasts have been published in the SharePoint for Developers screencast series . The series

  • Hi Kirk

    I follow all screencast steps, but an dialog box appear when I click WSP View refresh button, with this:


    VSeWSS Service Error: Assembly

    C:\User\AdministratorW\Documents\Visual Studio


    not found. This way occur because the VSeWSS WCF Service does

    not have local administrator permissions. Please review the release


    Everything seems to be ok if the configuration of the WCF Service, because when I try to deploy WebPart its function ok.

    If I try to build, then the refresh WSP view, it do not show me more erros. But when I deploy, the columns on Annotations list do not appear.

    Could you help me?

  • Thanks for watching the video and trying it out!

    Hmm... I haven't run into this issue when refreshing the WSP View, afraid I can't be of much help.  Some things to try (I am guessing, but hoping one of these might help).

    I find that nearly all of the errors seem to be corrected if you go to the Build menu, select Package, and then run setup.bat from the command line.  Then run setup.bat /uninstall, which will disable your features and uninstall the WSP.  Then try again from VS, things typically start working then.

    You should also double-check that the application pool running the WCF service has sufficient priviliges, even though it worked for a web part deployment.  The required permissions are detailed in the help doc.  I had one setup that I couldn't figure out the permissions issues and ended up running the VSeWSS service under the Central Administration pool, and ended up adding Network Service to the local administrators (please, don't do that in production, but it might help as a temporary unblocker).

    Something else to check... make sure you only have 1 project in your solution.  If you have 2 projects in your solution (especially an ASP.NET solution), WSP View will have issues.

    If you are still having issues, you can post to the MSDN Forums at  

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