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SharePoint and Workflow Resources

SharePoint and Workflow Resources

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This post provides a list of resources for SharePoint, Windows Workflow Foundation, and using WF with SharePoint.

I was lucky enough to present to the Wells Fargo developer group today on “SharePoint Workflows”.  If you read my blog, you might know that I recently posted a screencast on developing state machine workflows for SharePoint.  Yep, I recorded the screencast while preparing for the demo :)  After doing a presentation like this, I like to follow up with resources for more information.  After compiling the email, I thought it might provide useful to a larger audience, so here goes.  Obviously, there are a ton of other resources out there that I missed.  Got a favorite?  Add it to the comments below!

General WF Resources

Whitepaper: Understanding Windows Workflow Foundation -

MSDN Developer Center for WF –

WF Hands On Labs for .NET 3.5 -

Workflow Persistence -

Workflow Tracking -

Screencasts on WF and WCF - -

Answers to WF Interview Questions (a great set of resources for all things WF) -

General SharePoint Developer Resources

SharePoint Developer Getting Started -

MSDN Developer Center for SharePoint -

Screencasts for SharePoint Developers -

SharePoint Workflow Resources

Whitepaper: Developing Workflow Solutions with SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows Workflow Foundation -

Building a SharePoint State Machine Workflow with Timeout and Escalations -

Building an Expense Report Approval Workflow for SharePoint Server 2007 using Visual Studio 2008 -

Building Simple Custom Approval Workflows with InfoPath 2007 Forms -

Building State Machine Document Approval Workflows for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008 -

Creating SharePoint Sequential Workflows with Visual Studio 2008 -

Designing InfoPath Forms for Workflows in SharePoint Server 2007 -

(one of my favorite resources) InfoPath and Visual Studio Workflows – 3 Great Tricks (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

(another favorite) Sahil Malik – SharePoint 2007 Workflows -

SharePoint Designer Workflow Resources

Creating a Custom Approval Workflow for SharePoint Server 2007 Using SharePoint Designer 2007 -

Building Custom Workflow Conditions for SharePoint Designer -

Building Custom Activities for Use in SharePoint Designer 2007 -

  • Hello Kirk,

    Nice blog and resources.  My company specializes in providing workflow tools, off-the-shelf workflows, and workflow development on SharePoint.  We primarily use ShareVis, which is a toolset that many IT companies use when they want to "configure" workflows rather than program them, or they want end-users to "self-serve".  In this way we don't compete with WWF, rather we provide an additional option for IT to extend SharePoint workflow capabilities.

    Would it be appropriate to list as a resource for SharePoint Workflow development?  

    Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Russ Blaesing

    Principal Consultant

    SPS Workflow

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