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  • Blog Post: SDK Documentation for Direct2D and DirectWrite now live on MSDN

    The SDK documentation for our new graphics and text API's in Windows 7 is now available on MSDN. Here are the links: · Direct2D · DirectWrite Happy coding!
  • Blog Post: Feature Prioritization

    Mike Calligaro posted a great write up on how feature prioritization happens at software companies. This was a great read for me. It really hit home in terms of how I think of every feature request I get. Updated - forgot the link in the original post.
  • Blog Post: Boku

    We had TechFest here at Microsoft a few weeks back, and I got to see some really interesting new things from Microsoft Research. One of the things I saw was a nifty programming environment for young children that takes the form of a game that can be played using an XBOX 360 controller. The project is...
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