April, 2007

  • Kannan

    TFS Reporting Simplified

    In my last post we saw how to write a TFS Data Source Component. In this one I will explain how to use them to generate a TFS report like the one below leveraging existing ASP.NET controls. 1. First create a new ASP.NET page. 2. Second register...
  • Kannan

    TFS Data Source ASP.NET Control

    While learning ASP.NET for developing the RTE for MSDN Forums I had to interact with multiple teams and provide them with status reports on the work items. Some of them were not using TFS yet for that code base. So I wanted a way to easily write a TFS...
  • Kannan

    Rich Text Editor for MSDN Forums

    It's been a while since I posted. I had been real busy learning all about the web technologies & building a rich text editor for MSDN forums. One version of it is available as a post editor, as part of forums beta server at http://beta.communities...
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