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  • Blog Post: TFS Reporting Simplified

    In my last post we saw how to write a TFS Data Source Component. In this one I will explain how to use them to generate a TFS report like the one below leveraging existing ASP.NET controls. 1. First create a new ASP.NET page. 2. Second register the TFS Data Source component DLL that we built...
  • Blog Post: TFS Data Source ASP.NET Control

    While learning ASP.NET for developing the RTE for MSDN Forums I had to interact with multiple teams and provide them with status reports on the work items. Some of them were not using TFS yet for that code base. So I wanted a way to easily write a TFS report, send the url to all these teams. Given...
  • Blog Post: FREE DOWNLOAD of both standalone Visual Studio Team Foundation clients

    FREE DOWNLOAD of both standalone Visual Studio Team Foundation clients to connect to any CodePlex project. Read Koby's entry for details.
  • Blog Post: V1.0 Release of Team Foundation Admininstration Tool

    I am glad to announce the availability of v1.0 release of the Team Foundation Administration tool at as a shared source project on . To learn more about codeplex check out Jim's blog
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server - User Permission Manager tool

    As I mentioned earlier in my Blog entry I am currently working on releasing a CTP version of Team Foundation User Permission Manager tool. Based on our internal use and feedback from users 'not adding users by default to SharePoint and SQL Reporting Services while adding a TFS user' was reported as one...
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server

    “How well is the project going?” is a question too often asked to a first line manager that several of them spend hours to collect the data so that they can present it to their VP or manager. Quite often organizations end up having one system for requirements, one for tracking defects which is...
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