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July, 2012

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Hello, This is Karan Gulati working with Microsoft SQL BI Team. We work with the BI Developers across the globe and deliver results that no one can deliver around the GLOBE!!!!

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    SSAS:Informative Links

      SSAS 2012 Links Free SQL 2012 EBook SQL 2012 Virtual Labs DAX in the BI Tabular Model Whitepaper and Samples SSAS Administration Analysis Services 2008 R2 Operation Guide Automating SSAS Backup SSAS Performance Analysis Services 2008 R2 Performance...
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    SSAS: All Possible Scenarios of Changing SSAS Data Folder

    Title - All Possible Scenarios of Changing SSAS Data Directories Scenario 1: Recreating a New Data Folder in New Drive / Same Drive Creating a New Data Folder and changing the Data File Location in configuration files as shown below - 1. Connect to your...
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