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October, 2012

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Hello, This is Karan Gulati working with Microsoft SQL BI Team. We work with the BI Developers across the globe and deliver results that no one can deliver around the GLOBE!!!!

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    SSAS Synchronization: Across different versions

      Problem Statement : Synchronization between different builds or versions of Analysis Services. Solution: The Synchronize Database Wizard makes two Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services databases equivalent by copying the data and metadata from...
  • SQL BI

    SSAS encryption

    Description: Customer asking if AS supports TDE like encryption we got in SQL Engine. Solution: SSAS doesn’t support any data encryption on disk, in simple words – SSAS doesn’t do any kind of encryption. What it supports: HTTPS – You can use Analysis...
  • SQL BI

    SSAS Data Collection: Collecting Perfmon for SSAS

    Applies to Windows7, Windows 2008/R2 and Vista SQL Server all builds >= SQL 2005 Generally, for troubleshooting SSAS Issues, we recommend to collect below mentioned Perfmon Counters - All Counters Related to SSAS (MSAS_ or MSOLP$) For default instance...
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