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    Tech Ed 2008: Presentation Materials for TLA 204 Visual C# IDE Tips and Tricks

    It's another year for tips and tricks presentations (and I guess that means I finally blogged again :)). I just wanted to post a link of the ppt deck I gave this year both at Tech Ed and the Tweener event on the weekend which includes new tips in the...
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    Auto-Formatting Removes Tabs

    A long time ago (about 3 years now) a bug was opened on the Microsoft Feedback site regarding how Visual Studio removes tabs in statements (which prevents using Tabs or spaces for aligning fields and locals in declaration statements). This wasn't true...
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    Tips and Tricks for VS20005 and VS2008

    At Tech Ed 2007, I gave another tips and tricks talk for working with the C# IDE. Here's the list of tips that I presented (it's a cleaner version of Tips.cs that I used during the talk). Tips for Understanding Code 1) [VS 2008] Target Multiple Versions...
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    More and More Keybindings

    Thanks to Charlie , who pointed me to Windows Live Writer , I now have a super easy way to update my blog and include images and attachments. This means that it's a perfect opportunity to post the cool keybinding pamphlets the C# team made with our most...
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    Visual C# Development Settings

    I'm giving a talk on Visual C# - Productivity Tips and Tricks for the Visual C# IDE at Tech Ed 06. Since I mention many, many keybindings in the talk, here are descriptions for some of the common ones for reference. The talk was based off of one that...
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    Exploring Microsoft

    Microsoft has this really cool internship program called the Explore Microsoft project. It's a pretty unique type of internship that gives 1 st and 2 nd year students in any CS related major a chance to learn how exciting CS really is and explore the...
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    Finally online...

    Tech Ed 06 has finally driven me online! I'm Karen and I work on the C# IDE in Visual Studio. I work on features anywhere from IntelliSense, to code refactoring, to code snippets, to anything else you could think about that could make you more productive...
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