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June, 2006

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    Visual C# Development Settings

    I'm giving a talk on Visual C# - Productivity Tips and Tricks for the Visual C# IDE at Tech Ed 06. Since I mention many, many keybindings in the talk, here are descriptions for some of the common ones for reference. The talk was based off of one that...
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    Exploring Microsoft

    Microsoft has this really cool internship program called the Explore Microsoft project. It's a pretty unique type of internship that gives 1 st and 2 nd year students in any CS related major a chance to learn how exciting CS really is and explore the...
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    Finally online...

    Tech Ed 06 has finally driven me online! I'm Karen and I work on the C# IDE in Visual Studio. I work on features anywhere from IntelliSense, to code refactoring, to code snippets, to anything else you could think about that could make you more productive...
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