Tech Ed 06 has finally driven me online!  I'm Karen and I work on the C# IDE in Visual Studio.  I work on features anywhere from IntelliSense, to code refactoring, to code snippets, to anything else you could think about that could make you more productive in an IDE.

Working on the IDE space has been a lot of fun – it’s exciting to be thinking of how developer tools can really increase productivity and help people write better code faster.

Some things about me -- I used to be a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab (also acquiring my Masters degree) where I focused on applying and developing pattern recognition techniques to facilitate intelligent human-computer interactions.  Prior to MIT, I was at Wellesley College where I studied Computer Science and Economics.

My hometown is in sunny California, but I’ve spent a good number of years in Boston before settling in the Pacific Northwest.  In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, solving puzzles and playing strategy board games (Puerto Rico is the current favorite).