I’ve always wanted to go to Burning Man, the annual countercultural arts festival, but with both Windows Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 screaming towards RTM I can’t possibly take time for a jaunt to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  Luckily, I can easily visit the virtual Burning Life in my Second Life. This will be the  fifth year that Second Life publisher Linden Lab is donating some virtual land in their virtual world for a virtual Burning Man festival.  

Burning Life (in Second Life) - Twango

Just like the Burning Man in the real (?) world,  organizers will create a temporary zone in which residents can create amazing works of art that will last for a short period of time and then disappear forever. The requisite sculpture of a man will burn spectacularly at the end of the festival. 

Hurry, registration for one of the 62 available Burning Life plots is now open and submissions must be received by Sept. 7. The event begins Sept. 24 and ends Oct. 5.