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Avalon: Convergence in the Simulacrum

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  • Blog Post: Gradient Animation Obsession Redux

    I guess I didn't call it an obsession without reason, as I can't seem to keep away from those hyponotizing gradient animations. I modified the tool I posted last month so that it would output the XAML, such that a designer could actually use the tool and never touch a line of XAML. I set up the tool...
  • Blog Post: Animation Handoff Bug and Workaround for current WPF/E CTP

    My good friend Hans Hugli, who doesn't have a blog but sits down the hall from me, hit the following issue with the current CTP of WPF/E and wanted to get it out to the world, so I'm posting it on his behalf. You can see what he's talking about in action (source also) here . ******************...
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