I was talking to a friend of mine who had recently moved from years of developing windows application to a project which is a complete web app. 10 minutes into discussion and i could clearly comprehend his frustration.

He was full of complaints with development for web. No session management, primitive browser languages like HTML and JavaScript, no out of box support for security, protocol underneath with little stress on performance …. he went on for sometime.

Hmm… for a moment i thought he made some good points .. technically speaking, Internet still runs on pretty much primitive infrastructure. But then question is .. why is Internet so popular?

The primary reason for its popularity is its simplicity. The fact that it runs on a platform that is not state of the art makes it easy to learn and work with. Think about it!

The easiest part of creating a website is the actual creation itself. Its amazing a declarative language like HTML along with CSS with limited vocabulary can produce so colourful and structured document of information.

The product is best for human consumption. You don’t have to major in computer science to create one. 

Most website out there do not require session management or security. They are plain vanilla sites with motive to disseminate information. Performance is never key criteria for them. The ISPs can take care of that. Then why bother them with technical concepts of session, security and performance. Websites that need such features can get wise programmers to do that for them.

The standardized and plain simple HTTP protocol is also one reason why several easy to use browsers are available. Data exchange is seamless between heterogeneous system. Regardless of what time zone or country you are in, the Net never sleeps.