As a relatively new blogger, I am still learning what are good topics to blog. One of the metric I used to see how I do is the data provides about how many people read my post (Aggregated and normal).

Krzysztof and I had a nice long discussion about this over coffee one day. Our conclusion is that it's all in the title. That's the basically the blogging world's one liner advertisement. On the BCL blog, we found that Krzysztof's post "What if we give you $100" has one of the highest hits since the relaunch of the BCL blog. Therefore, like all marketing schemes, titles that hints at giving money away always works. :)

Here is my theory on how to create a success post:
1) Discuss a topic that many people wants to hear about
2) Provide value in your topic that cannot be found any where else
3) Provide a forum for discussion
4) In your title, include anything that relates to money i.e "Win $10,000" or "What if we give you $100"

As a reader, what do you look for? As a blogger, what tips have you picked up?