Since Whidbey shipped, our team has been trying to fill some open headcounts in all disciplines. The open headcounts are to replace people whom have moved on to other things and to help with our expanded charter.

We have open headcounts in UE, Test and Dev.

Personally, I find the BCL to be a great team to work on. The team is passionate about what we do. The work we do has a high impact. (Everyone who writes managed code uses the BCL APIs.)

Come join us.. and make a difference in managed code!

Lakshan Fernando, our test lead, talks about his open positions here.

I wrote a short post about the CLR User Education (aka Documenation) team here.

I think Anthony, our dev lead, will post his open positions on the dev team on the BCL Team Weblog sometime next week.

This is a chance of a lifetime... don't miss it.