I am so excited that the CTP is finally available! As soon as you crack open the bits, you'll find what I have been working months on! Can you guess what it is???

NET Framework improvements such as:

  • New managed add-in model enables developers to add a version-resilient extensibility model to their products.
  • Support for time zone conversion, enumeration and serialization, including cases where Daylight Saving Time rules change over time.
  • Reflection in Partial Trust, enabling sand box scenarios for all applications that depend on these features.
  • The ability to control the garbage collector’s latency mode
  • Improved CLR ThreadPool micro-performance and throughput for worker and IO completion

The class that have those functionality is System.TimeZone2. I will be posting some samples and quick guide on the BCL team blog probably next Tuesday. For my loyal readers here... I'll treat you wit the most basic sample on how to convert a DateTime with this new class right now!!! This example converts a DateTime from my home town "Sydney, Australia" to "Redmond, WA, USA".


void BasicConvertScenarios()


    DateTime newTime;

    DateTime currentDateTime = GetUserDateTime();

    string ausTimeZoneId = "AUS Eastern Standard Time";

    string pstSystemId = "Pacific Standard Time";

    newTime = TimeZone2.ConvertTimeBySystemTimeZoneId(userDateTime,






I am so excited! Let me know what you think! People have been asking for this so much... I hope their needs are met!


The CTP is available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=82243606-d16d-445c-8949-9ee8c10cda2e&DisplayLang=en