After months of blogging silence, I am happy to be able to blog again.

As I have mentioned before, in the past 6 months, I have been working on an unannouced project. Today, I'm proud to annouce that the project is finally public for the world to use!

So what exactly is this project? "Acropolis" is a set of components and tools that enables you to build composite client application. Great client application has three main components. It has to be cheap to build, easy to manage and offers a high quality user experience. "Acropolis" plans to address all three areas. We plan on delivering a rich design-time toolset to help you compose the application beyond the UI. We have an architecture that enables developers to build their application in a composite manner making it easy to build. Finally, it offers prebuilt common components and services, that developers can use to deliver great user experiences in minimal cost and also makes the application easy to manage.

As the PM for the "User experience" pillar, I will blog more about our features around this area in coming days.

Download Acropolis from and let me know what you think.