My sample and its source is now live on! It show case a variety of controls we have built for the Silverlight 2 Beta 1. We have quite an good set of controls. It shouldn't surprise my readers to know that we have a DatePicker and a Calendar. :) And yes, I am the PM for those features. So for those of you who are sick of using my Silverlight 1.1 Calendar/DatePicker. Pick up the latest Silverlight 2 Beta 1!


Silverlight Control Demo Sample
Uploaded on March 5
Created by: Kathy Kam

A sample of twenty-four Silverlight 2 controls that can be viewed live together with the source code used to drive the controls.


Check out other samples here:

Also, as mentioned by ScottGu this morning. You can download the source and unit tests to all the controls here:


Love to hear what you think! I am excited to see applications people build with these controls. Tell me what you are building!