Yes, I know. I'm a little late to the party. This past few weeks has been crazy, with Silverlight 2 RTW, PDC coming up and I'm going to TechEd EMEA, my blogging has fallen behind. :( But even tho I'm a week behind, I'd like to use this time to thank everyone I've worked with on this awesome product. There was a lot of people involved in shipping this and the process has been stressful, difficult but most of all... FUN!

Anyway, my controls demo has been updated to Silverlight 2 RTW! :) I have actually been working on a separate demo. That needs a little more polishing up first but I'll post it soon enough.

   Silverlight Controls Demo
   Uploaded on October 23
   Created by: Kathy Kam

   A sample of twenty-four Silverlight 2 controls that can be viewed live together with the source code used to drive the controls.

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Tim Heuer has also updated the WatermarkTextBox code for RTW. Thanks Tim!

Now it's on to Silverlight 2+ and beyond~~~!!!