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    IE8 Accelerator for MSDN Social Bookmarks


    I’ve been using IE8 Beta 2 for a few weeks now and I’m getting quite used to do actions on text or links by using Accelerators. If you haven’t seen these, accelerators allow you to easily call a service on a link or a piece of selected text. For example, a standard Accelerator is “Map with Live Maps” which shows a map when selecting an address on a page.

    One service I use quite regularly is social bookmarking, lately I’ve been using the new MSDN Social Bookmarks one for work related bookmarks. Having IE8 I wanted to replace the bookmarklet from the Favorites toolbar by an accelerator.

    BTW, the folks at MSDN just did a nice redesign with all the social info gathered including your community contributions, forums threads etc. Nice job:

    Now back to the accelerator. For the description that goes with the bookmark I simply select an interesting sentence on a page and use the accelerator (if text is selected).

    Creating an Accelerator is very straightforward and easy, you just need to follow the OpenService specification, which is really just an XML file following a predefined schema. For the MSDN Bookmarks I enabled this on text selection, and on a right-click on a page:


    Click to install the “Bookmark on MSDN Accelerator if you are using the IE8 Beta 2.
    And if you want to take a look at the few lines of XML needed to build it just download it directly from here.

    And if you’re looking for more Accelerators to share your bookmarks check out the gallery.

    Resources for creating your own Accelerator:

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Interview with Hans Verbeeck on TechEd EMEA 2008


    Last week I sat down with Hans Verbeeck, the overall business owner for TechEd EMEA 2008 (IT Professionals and Developers), and content owner for the Developers conference. The interview is now published to the Chopsticks site.

    Hans speaks about the top speakers that we should be looking forward to and discusses some new things that will be done this year to give the community a much more special role at the event. And more…

    Looking forward to TechEd EMEA 2008? Check out the interview and listen to what he has to say at the end or you could be too late.


  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Looking for the Belgian attendees at PDC 2008!


    After receiving this question a few times: “will there be any Belgian event at PDC2008?”, and with the suggestion of my colleague Tom we are planning to have an informal get together with all the Belgians and Luxembourgers attending PDC.

    So, if you want to join us there’s one easy way to keep up to date of where we’ll meet and any changes: just add this Facebook event to your events! You will automatically be notified of any last minute updates.

    As it stands now, this is the deal:

    Date: Monday, October 27, 2008
    Time: 8:30pm
    Location: Show Off area - at PDC2008 - L.A. Convention Center

    It’s in informal get together so we’ll see how it goes. I guess a lot depends on the number of people joining us. Suggestions are welcome on the Facebook event page.

    I’ll also be micro-blogging any updates on my twitter account: katriendg.

    Thanks Nico and Rogge for getting this rolling, and check out Nico’s very helpful post on getting prepared for PDC.

    See you in L.A.!

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    User Group events this Fall: VISUG and SQL User Group


    After a deserved break during summer months, the Belgian user groups are getting back at their community events: VISUG and SQL-UG have already planned their sessions for the coming months. Lots of good sessions coming up, take a look at the list below and head out to their site to secure your seat.

    VISUG (Visual Studio User Group Belgium)

    ALT.NET Overview
    Presented by: Yves Goeleven
    On: 11/9/2008
    Location: Zaventem

    Abstract: For the past year the movement has been stirring up the Microsoft community around the globe. Now it's getting hold of the Belgian community as well.
    In this session I would like to present to you what the core values of the movement are, what principles, concepts and tools we hope to promote and to booth I would like to introduce the brand new 'Dutch user group'.

    ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 special Part 1: MVC Framework
    Presented by: Maarten Balliauw
    On: 14/10/2008

    Abstract: Visug is dedicating 2 sessions on the release of .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1. This update includes a lot of new stuff that you can learn about in these sessions. The first one is all about the ASP.NET MVC Framework.

    Note that the 2 ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 sessions are standalone sessions, you do not need to attend them both!

    ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 special Part 2: ASP.NET Dynamic Data, ADO.NET Data Services and AJAX
    Presented by: Gill Cleeren
    On: 21/10/2008
    Location: Brussels

    What's new in Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario"
    Presented by: Pieter Gheysens
    On: 27/11/2008
    Location: Heverlee

    Abstract: Microsoft Visual Studio Team System code name "Rosario" is the version of Team System that follows Visual Studio Team System 2008.


    SQLUG (SQL Server User Group Belgium)

    Their next event will host two sessions on September 25th.

    Session 1: what's new in SSIS 2008 by Nico Verheire

    Abstract: Integrating data with ADO.NET
    Scripting with VSTA
    Introducing the new lookup transformation (including caching)
    Managing change in a data warehouse: how to use Change Data Capture (CDC) and use of the MERGE statement
    Dealing with data quality: the Data Profiling Task
    Level: 200

    Session 2: Deep-dive session about improving SSIS performance given by Geert Vanhove

    Abstract: This session will address some problems that might occur when a SSIS solution needs to scale because DB and data volumes to load are getting larger. This session is not only a statement of how you can improve your SSIS performance; the impact of each optimization step is shown in action throughout the demo package that will be the red wire of this presentation...
    Level: 300

    Date: Thursday September 25, 2008
    Location: Kontich

    Registration is needed and is open at the SQLUG website.

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Launch event for XNA Belgian User Group and Belgian Silverlight User Group


    Yes, we have two new user groups with a launch event on November 6th, 2008 in Ghent! Register at or

    I’m very happy to see the XNA Belgian User Group (XNABUG) doing their launch event together with our very first Belgian Silverlight User Group (BESUG). The launch event will have a demo session by both user groups, and a great chance to meet people doing XNA or Silverlight. No knowledge of either technology is required to attend this event.

    XNA BUG has been online with a website and a contest since last year, being led by two XNA MVPs: Brecht Kets and Riemer Grootjans.

    The Belgian Silverlight User Group has Frederik Duchi as its driving force. Frederik is a teacher at the PIH in Kortrijk as has worked hard over the Summer to get the site up and all contacts for getting the user group and event going.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the event, get it in your agendas and register.


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    Three new Chopsticks screencasts by the community


    We published three new videos produced by the community today.

    Two videos by Hans Le Roy

    Hans Le Roy has created two screencasts on the new IE8 Beta 2: one intended to give you a quick overview of the new functionalities and one specifically for developers in which Hans explains the new developer tools.

    In case you don’t know Hans, he is an MVP on Internet Explorer and has a site and blog with lots of Internet Explorer information.

    Note: all the above content is available only in Dutch

    New screencast on ASP.NET MVC Framework: Forms

    This is Maarten Balliauw’s third screencast on the ASP.NET MVC Framework. After the first two, “Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Framework” and “Test Driven Development with the ASP.NET MVC framework”, this screencast shows you how you can implement form interactions in ASP.NET MVC.


  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    We’re coming to Luxembourg: TechDays08 registration is open


    I’m really glad with this announcement, the TechDays'08 event will take place the 30th of September 2008, in Mondorf-les-Bains in Luxembourg. It’s a free event by the MS Belux team so be quick to register as places are limited. Note: the event is in French only.

    What will you get during the day: we have 6 developer sessions planned for you, at the same time there is also an IT-Pro track with again 6 different sessions. Check out the agenda here:

    Our Regional Director Gregory Renard is presenting two of the sessions, on Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Tricks and on LINQ. Next to that we have sessions on WCF & WF, Silverlight and WPF.

    Hope to see you there, it’s just a few weeks away.


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    Project Rosetta – from Flash to Silverlight


    Last week the DPE team at Microsoft launch a new site was launched with articles especially written for flash developers and designers that want to learn about Silverlight: Project Rosetta.

    To start there is a collection of 9 lessons that focus on one specific feature and explain the concept including the source code and assets. You will see that the way these lessons explain the concept to take advantage of existing skills and apply these to a new technology, Silverlight in this case.

    This is the starting list of sessions (all by Rick Barazza):

    Also check out the video introducing the project: Project Rosetta: Essential Edition.

    If you have an idea for new articles, do a proposal for new articles in the discussion thread. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for the articles as well.

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