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    Slides and sample code from my .NET RIA Services webcast


    A few weeks back we had an MSDN Live Meeting around .NET RIA Services. During the webcast I was using a sample database with some restaurant (dummy) data and accessing that data.


    Sample code

    The sample is using a Silverlight Navigation Application, which itself can be used without the .NET RIA Services. There is a demo database, sample code for retrieving data into a datagrid, editing data through a DataForm, validation, using a new theme, etc.

    You can download the sample code and slides from the links below.


    If you want to play around with this sample and get going with .NET RIA Services you will need the following on your machine:

    Session Q&A

    Here’s also some answers to questions that came after the session.

    French version of Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008
    The French version that allows to install on a French Visual Studio version is available since the end of July 2009. Download link here.
    At this stage there is not yet a French version of the .NET RIA services, and I don’t currently have a date for when this will be available.

    Accessing styles
    During the webcast I used one of the new skins available for Silverlight Navigation applications. You can find these in the Expression Gallery, see a sample of each in Tim Heuer’s blog post. After downloading the theme of your preference, copy the Styles.xaml file and save it to the /Assets folder of your Silverlight project. In my case I left the default Styles.xaml file and renamed the downloaded theme to Pink.xaml. Reference this resource file in the App.xaml file and you’ve got your theme change.

    Silverlight 3 features
    There were also some general questions around Silverlight 3 and out-of-browser applications. I recommend checking out the Silverlight 3 Overview page for a listing of features matrix on Silverlight 1, 2 and 3.

    Recommended resources

    And don’t miss REMIX Belgium 2009 where the one and only Brad Abrams himself will be giving a session on .NET RIA Services. Other speakers joining are Adam Kinney, August de los Reyes and Arturo Toledo. Register in time!

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    ReMix Belgium 2009 – join us for Silverlight, Expression Blend, UX and Surface sessions


    remix2009ReMix Belgium 2009, coming on September 29th 2009 in Kinepolis Brussels is a free event bringing in-depth sessions around Silverlight, Expression Blend and SketchFlow, Surface, ASP.NET MVC and .NET RIA Services.

    Joint keynote and two tracks
    Starting with a joint local keynote, we then split into a User Experience Track and a Web Developer Track. In total 8 different sessions will be presented during the day. When you register you are still free to choose and switch between the two tracks. Checkout the full agenda here.

    Register in time! Since this is a free event and places are limited we recommend registering as soon as possible to secure your seat.

    Follow ReMix on Twitter: @remixbe and add to your Facebook events.

    The speakers

    We have some top-notch speakers joining us from Microsoft corp, coming to Europe especially for the ReMix events. Take a look at this list!

    • Adam Kinney – Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Corp focusing on Silverlight and WPF from a designer but also developer perspective. Adam will be talking about Expression for developers.
    • Arturo Toledo – Product Manager. Arturo will be talking about SketchFlow and rapid application prototyping, and how to create Silverlight experiences with Expression Blend. Blog:
    • August de los Reyes - Principal Design Director for Microsoft Surface, his team is dedicated to pioneering intuitive ways to interact with technology. August will be doing two sessions: one on the Natural User Interface (NUI) and Surface, the second one an inspiring session on the future of UX. Not to miss!
    • Brad Abrams - Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, founding member of both the Common Language Runtime, and .NET Framework teams at Microsoft Corporation. Brad is currently the Product Unit Manager of the Application Framework team which is responsible for, amongst others, delivering .NET RIA Services. Blog:
    • Maarten Balliauw - Maarten is the only non MS speaker at the event, but has quite a proven track record when it comes to ASP.NET MVC and much more. Maarten is author of one of the first books on the subject and will be doing a talk on creating an application in 60 minutes using ASP.NET MVC. Blog:

    I’m really excited to be working on the preparations of this event. After having participated in the organization of MIX essentials last year this is the second event of its type, looking forward to v2! By the way if you are wondering: MIX esentials was the name for last year, this is now officially renamed to ReMix.

    See you there, in the meantime leave me a note here or on Twitter.

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