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    Free Web Application Toolkits – Three extra toolkits released


    Web Application Toolkits are a set of ready to use kits with samples and controls that help ASP.NET developers quickly work out common web scenarios. While you’ll find more reusable components if using ASP.NET on your site you can still take advantage of the samples and scripts to reuse these on non-ASP.NET sites as well. Really well worth a look!Web Application Toolkit for Calendars

    This is the collection of toolkits available today:

    • "Freemium" Websites
    • Calendars
    • Bing Maps
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Bing Search
    • REST Services
    • Mobile Web Applications
    • Template-Driven Email
    • Making Your Website Social
    • FAQs

    Go to for details and downloads:

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Windows Phone 7 Series revealed – get the lowdown at MIX10


    After watching the Mobile World Congress press conference kicked off by Steve Ballmer this afternoon in Barcelona, I’m sure you haven’t missed the news: Windows Phone 7 Series has been announced!

    Windows Phone 7 screenshot Windows Phone 7 screenshot image

    While Joe Belfiore showed us a peek at the new features and interface, you will still be left at a loss for developer related information. The good news: make it to MIX10 in Las Vegas and you will heard first-hand. Check out this post on the MIX10 site with updated information: “snippet: All MIX10 attendees will receive access to the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools… ”.

    What if you can’t make it to Las Vegas? If you live in Belgium I encourage you to register very quickly for the “Las Vegas MIX’ing at Microsoft Belgium” free event. This includes the keynote live stream on a big screen and a fun activity as well, in the evening of March 15th (Belgian time).

    In the meantime, get acquainted with Windows Phone 7 Series

    Resources and folks to follow

    So… really nothing about the development for Windows Phone 7 Series? Not at this time, what better than Scott Guthrie’s twitter update to get you looking ahead to MIX10:

    Twitter update by ScottGu

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Las Vegas MIX’ing at Microsoft Belgium – live keynote watch event


    Don’t want to miss any of the announcements from MIX 2010 but can’t make it to Las Vegas in March? If you live in Belgium we have a good alternative for you. The Belgian Silverlight User Group and Microsoft are organizing a live keynote watch event: Las Vegas MIX’ing at Microsoft Belgium, on March 15th at 16h30.

    We welcome you to a special event with the following agenda:

    • 16h30 – Welcome at MS office in Zaventem
    • 17h00 – 19h00 – Live keynote streamed from Las Vegas
    • 19h00 – Break
    • 19h30 – Live intervention from some Belgians at MIX (including yours truly :-)
    • 20h00 – American style dinner
    • 21h00 – Poker evening and prize draw

    Las Vegas MIX'ing at Microsoft Belgium

    Registration is free but required.

    Still undecided whether or not to attend MIX 2010? Check out the announced sessions and keynote speakers, it will be a fantastic event with great technical sessions on Silverlight, Azure, Expression Blend, Standards, Windows Phone and more.
    Hope to see you there!

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Event announcement: Leveraging Azure with non-Microsoft Technologies


    On Friday March 5th 2010, Josh Holmes will be presenting a session at the Microsoft offices in Zaventem: ‘Leveraging Azure with non-Microsoft Technologies’. The event is a joint organization between the PHPBenelux user group and Microsoft. The event is part of Josh’s PHP/Ruby on Azure Word Tour.

    If you are looking for information on Windows Azure Platform and how it supports non-Microsoft technologies like PHP, Ruby and Java this is a perfect moment to learn more about it.

    It’s a free event but registration is required.

    13h30 - Welcome and coffee
    14h00 - Leveraging Azure with non-Microsoft Technologies
    17h30 - Closing drink, chance to network with your peers and chat with everyone

    Full session description:
    Windows Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing offering. It is more than a simple scalable hosting option as it is truly a platform as a service offering. This allows you to focus on your application rather than the configuring and managing your infrastructure whether you are writing C# or VB.NET or even languages such as PHP or Ruby which are first class citizens in Windows Azure. The Windows Azure Platform includes Windows Azure, which is the OS and hosting environment for web and background services, as well as non-relational storage, queues, and a blob storage for everything from videos to mountable virtual drives. Additionally, the Windows Azure Platform includes SQL Azure, a fully relational database as a service, and Windows Azure AppFabric for industry standards compliant identity management and a service bus for message passing.
    Next to PHP and Ruby, Java is also addressed as a supported platform.

    But there remain the questions around why, when and how you should move to the cloud, especially if you are using PHP or Ruby. Should I put everything in Windows Azure? Do you have to convert everything you have to ASP.NET? Do you have to write code specifically for Windows Azure? What if my current applications depend on MySQL and/or memcached?

    There’s a lot of good news here as it is relatively straight forward to get running in Windows Azure. Once your application is running, however, now you need to look at how to fully leverage the platform offerings architecting for the best usage of the different roles and the various aspects of the Windows Azure offerings such as the AppFabric and SQL Azure. This will help your application make the most efficient usage of CPU, bandwidth, storage and all of the things that cost in a cloud hosting scenario.

    In this three-hour session, we will begin with the why of Windows Azure talking about when it makes sense to make a move and what the prudent migration paths are for your organization.  During this time we will tour the various aspects of Windows Azure. Then we’ll delve into the technical aspects of how to run your PHP/Ruby code on Windows Azure. Once we have that mastered, we will move onto leveraging the Windows Azure platform to its fullest.


    A special thanks to the guys from the PHPBenelux group to get into this together with us.

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate is available


    Yesterday on the availability of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Release Candidate was announced. It’s already available for MSDN Subscribers, later today it will also be made available to the general public through the MSDN site.

    The Release Candidate addresses feedback give by all of you who tested the beta release. Main areas include IDE responsiveness, Silverlight and WPF designers, Intelisense, debugging, build times, project load and more. Check out the official blog posts by Jason Zander and Somasegar:

    Go ahead and download the RC, and of course keep giving us your feedback.

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    TechDays 2010 – Update Four – Agenda published


    Just a quick update for those looking for the TechDays 2010 agenda: we have just published the currently confirmed agenda at

    Check out the sessions that have been posted and get your own agenda setup using the tool. All pre-conference sessions are also available. Don’t forget you can still use the Sessions list for filtering on topics or speakers.


    Note: agenda is still subject to change.
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