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    Microsoft Webcafe on November 23rd in Leuven–register and join us!


    The next Microsoft Webcafe is taking place at the M-Museum in Leuven, on November 23rd.
    Join us for another informal event with partner, Microsoft and Web community presentations.

    What is it and what to expect?

    Webcafes are informal, after the hours tech meetups for industry updates, cases, networking and exploring something different. We invite a few partner cases to present short cases or projects, sharing learning’s with attendees. The events are free, open to everyone with an open mind, and there is always lots of networking. Check out the pics from past events on our Facebook page to get an idea.

    Topics on the agenda:

    • Microsoft and Nokia, just get to it! - Koen Speelmeijer from Gadget Review
    • Is my website a web application? - François Remy @FremyCompany
    • Nivario Circus – Websockets in HTML5 - Sven Huijbrechts @toSvenson
    • WebMatrix 2.0 Preview: HTML5, extensibility, web apps - Katrien De Graeve (@katriendg)

    What’s in a café?
    This is Belgium after all, a café without beer does not exist… So chances are you’ll get to do some tasting in between the more serious stuff.

    Practical details

    Date: Wednesday November 23rd 2011
    Timing: 18:00 to 22:00
    Registration: MS Webcafe page
    Location: M-Museum
    Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28
    3000 Leuven


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    Ten reasons to attend Web & Phone UX Tour on November 3rd


    On Thursday November 3rd you can attend the Web & Phone UX Tour event in Belgium (at Ter Elst in Edegem). It’s a full day full day encounter of web, phone, user experience and development content. Whether you come from the design and user experience angle or a more technical one, two tracks are there for you to choose. You can register for one of them and switch tracks as desired during the day itself.

    I just heard we have a few seats left, so maybe you need a few reasons why not to miss it and register. First come-first serve.
    Here’s my top ten why you should not miss the event:  

    1. Top speakers and content: do we really need more than this reason?
    2. A general keynote from Microsoft Design: Metro, Multiscreen Experiences, Kinect and the Future. Delivered by product team members Arturo Toledo and Corrina Black.
      Do I really need to go further in this list?
    3. HTML5 will no longer be a confusing umbrella term for you: learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 today
    4. Focus on User Experiences and the Metro Design Language: your Windows Phone app will never be the same
    5. Learn how to take advantage of new ‘Mango’ Windows Phone 7 features with speakers like Gill Cleeren and Christophe Peerens
    6. Learn how to take your JavaScript to the next level with the right patterns usage
    7. In the same way, learn how to take your jQuery skills to a more professional level, learning from the expert Elijah Manor.
    8. Learn about one of the of new concepts to address multiple screens with Responsive Web Design (learn folks actually implementing it: Bram, Simon and Thomas)
    9. Networking with your peers, Microsoft product team members, the speakers and local experts
    10. It’s free! Yes, free as in beer. And this is Belgium so there might actually be some beer at one time or another…

    Register and see you there!

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    Marketer of the year nomination at MS Belux: NUI and how Kinect brings high-tech magic to consumers (vote for us!)


    My colleague David Merzel,  has been nominated as the Marketer of the Year 2011. This is a yearly award by Trends/Tendances. David and his team were responsible for the launch of Xbox Kinect controller in Belgium last year and developed a special marketing approach.
    I was listening to David yesterday as he explained the reasoning behind his marketing strategy, the Close Contact Marketing. He has a black belt in karate and the marketing approach is based on that sport, with six rules of close contact, going from yellow to black belt.

    What’s also interesting is that this is the first time a software company is nominated for this award. It’s another sign of what many call the Consumerization of IT.

    clip_image003  clip_image002

    While I do hope you vote for him Smile, it makes me reflect on how technology, more specifically Natural User Interfaces, is bringing the magic of technology into our everyday lives. That’s the job of technology companies in a sense: removing barriers to adopting technology. Also reminded me of a Twitter comment by @netlash I saw a few days ago:

    “We only call it technology when we were born before it was invented.”

    The term Magic in conjunction with Kinect is not new: Magical Team award in Silicon Valley was received by the team earlier this year. So yes, Kinect is a good example of how technology which behind the scenes is pretty complex, is now entering our everyday lives in a very user friendly way. Have you Kinected?

    Recommended resources:

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    Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit released: start learning


    The Visual Studio team has just released the October Edition of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. Now is a great time to start learning more.

    The VS Developer Preview was released during BUILD conference last September. This training kit provides a set of hands-on labs to Visual Studio 11 and the .NET Framework 4.5, ASP.NET 4.5 (WebForms and general), ALM with Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11 as well as Metro style apps.

    Getting started

    1. Download the offline or online Training Kit installer
    2. Download any requirements such as the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview itself or Visual Studio 11 Application Lifecycle Management Virtual Machine
    3. Follow the hands-on labs in the training kit, discover labs like Asynchronous programming in .NET 4.5, RESTful APIs with WCF Web API, Agile Project Management in Team Foundation Server 11, Unit Testing with Visual Studio 11: MSTest, NUnit,, and Code Clone and more.

    Learning more

    Apart from the training kit itself there are a set of great sessions recordings from the BUILD conference. A few noteworthy picks:

    Future directions for C# and Visual Basic Future directions for C# and Visual Basic

    What's new in Visual Studio 11 What's new in Visual Studio 11


    What's new in Visual Studio 11 for Application Lifecycle Management What's new in Visual Studio 11 for Application Lifecycle Management

    Advanced IntelliTrace in production with Visual Studio 11 Advanced IntelliTrace in production with Visual Studio 11

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Save the Date: TechDays Belgium returns on 14-15-16 February 2012!


    TechDays 2012

    TechDays Belgium returns on 14-15-16 February 2012! Since we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary it will be a special edition: we’re moving to a brand new location (to be disclosed soon) and will offer you new ways to experience the conference.

    For those who aren’t familiar with TechDays: it is the biggest IT event in Belgium, gathering thousands of professionals each year during 3 days. Fascinating technical sessions on both current and new technologies from Microsoft are complemented with many networking opportunities with your peers. And we welcome top notch speakers and local IT community leaders.

    Curious? Nostalgic? At you can relive the atmosphere of TechDays 2011.

    Registrations will be open soon, so for now: save the date and don’t miss out!


    You can also RSVP already on Facebook or LinkedIn and let your network know you will be attending. If you’re on Twitter, you can join the conversation via #techdaysbe.

    Subscribe to our newsletters for developers and IT pros and stay up-to-date about TechDays 2012 (registration, speakers, session content, agenda, ...).

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    Upcoming MSDN Webcasts on Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Azure, Orchard and VS Team Build


    Register now for the following MSDN Webcasts scheduled in October and November 2011 for Belgium, delivered by the local MVPs and community experts.
    All sessions are delivered online, great opportunity to learn new technology while not having to leave the office. From now on, plan your biweekly Tuesday afternoon online training by registering today:


    Integrating Bing Maps into your Windows Phone 7.5 Application
    Timing 14:00 – 15:30 | Type Live Webcast | Language English

    Including a Bing Maps control inside your Windows Phone application is a first step. Adding extra functionalities generally comes next. The purpose of this session is to demonstrate how to work with Bing Maps, add push pins, calculate and display a route …

    Speaker Christophe Peerens

    Christophe Peerens

    Register Now



    How Windows Azure Access Control Service is used in MyGet
    Timing 14:00 – 15:30 | Type Live Webcast | Language English

    In this session you will learn how MyGet leverages the Windows Azure Access Control Service to outsource its authentication and authorization work, resulting in a flexible yet elegant solution to accommodate one of its basic needs: allowing users to login and consult their data. MyGet consists of (at least) three applications and supports logging in via Windows Live ID, Google, Facebook, OpenID and Active Directory. Not to mention additional applications will be plugged in to this architecture in the future… That basic need gets complicated quickly! Are you willing to know how we keep control of this authentication spaghetti? Do you want to know about the endless possibilities of the Access Control Service? Want to see the ACS service is basically a service bus for authentication and authorization needs? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this session is tailor made for you.

    Speaker Maarten Balliauw

     Maarten Balliauw

    Register Now



    The new CMS in town: Orchard
    Timing 14:00 – 15:30 | Type Live Webcast | Language English

    Get to know Orchard, a nice free ASP.NET MVC based CMS from the Microsoft stables unleashed to the community. It's Windows Azure ready out of the box, theme-able and has a gallery with add-ons you can also construct yourself, this puppy is growing up fast.

    Speaker Kris Van der Mast

    Kris Van der Mast

    Register Now



    IntelliTrace, Test Impact Analysis and Team Build ... Better together!
    Timing 14:00 – 15:30 | Type Live Webcast | Language English

    As developers work on the code, the application has to remain under constant scrutiny to ensure it still does what it is supposed to do. That is where testing comes into play. Developers run their unit tests to make sure their code still functions as it is intended, while the QA group tests the application to verify the accuracy, reliability and performance of the application. But, it is hard to know which tests are actually needed to be re-verified as a result of a code change, so it is common to test the entire area where the code change occurred. Until now. Test Impact Analysis helps the developer run only the impacted automated tests and enables QA to skip the tests that were not impacted. IntelliTrace has also become a key feature for development teams in troubleshooting automated/manual test failures. Team Build will make sure that you can enable these powerful features in your automated build process.

    Speaker Pieter Gheysens

    Pieter Gheysens

    Register Now

    The Microsoft Community in Belgium is also organizing a number of interesting events in the next few months: feel free to have a look at our events page (Dutch | French) to see which events the user groups and other influencers have planned.

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    Web & Phone UX Tour Belgium on 3 November: full day encounter on HTML5, Phone and UX


    Don’t miss our next event: Web & Phone UX Developer Tour Belgium, taking place on November 3rd 2011 in Ter Elst (Edegem, Antwerp).


    What can you expect?

    An inspiring day event addressing User Experience and Development for the Web and Phone, with sessions delivered by top international speakers paired with local experts. We’re starting off with a general session on Microsoft Design: Multiscreen experiences and the Future. After that we split into two rooms with a UX track and a Developer track.

    UX Track: focus on Windows Phone Design and Responsive Web Design.
    Developer Track: focus on JavaScript Patterns, HTML5, CSS3 and Windows Phone Development.


    You don’t want to miss Arturo Toledo and Corrina Black from the Windows Phone Design team, or Elijah Manor’s first visit to Belgium! They are joined by Christophe Peerens, Gill Cleeren and Thomas, Bram and Simon from Netlash-b-Seen. An international mix promising to give you an immersion in User Experience and Development of websites and phone apps.

    Agenda: a quick view

    9:00 – 9:45 Registration and welcome coffee
    9:45 – 11:00 Microsoft Design: Metro, Multiscreen Experiences, Kinect and the Future (General session)
    11:00 - 11:15 Change rooms

    User Experience Track

    Developer Track

    11:15 - 12:15 THINK. Sketch, Wireframe, Prototype Windows Phone Apps  

    Good JavaScript Habits

    12:15 – 13:15 Lunch
    13:15 - 14:15 DESIGN. Visual, Interaction, Motion and Best Practices Windows Phone Apps

    How to Develop your first Mango app?

    14:15 – 14:30 Change rooms and coffee
    14:30 - 15:30 BUILD. Make it XAML with Expression Blend – Windows Phone Apps  

    What is HTML5 and CSS3 and how can I use it today?

    15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
    16:00 - 17:00 Responsive Web Design: Get Started Do the Mango: what’s new in Windows Phone 7.5
    17:00 Closing drink and networking

    You can find the full agenda, speaker and session details on the event site.

    Register now!

    This is a free event but registration is mandatory. Please register soon as we expect the event to be fully booked soon.
    You can choose to register for the UX or the Developer track. And yes: you are welcome to switch tracks during the day, this is just to help us better split up the rooms according to registrations.

    We looking forward to spending an inspiring day with all of you!

    Full agenda and registration details on the site.


    Windows Phone

    Internet Explorer 9

  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    WebMatrix 2.0 Beta: download, play, publish


    WebMatrix is a free web tool from Microsoft. In one sentence: it’s an all-in-one tool you can use to download, install and tweak and publish a website based on an open source app like WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, … OR program your own site with an easy-to-use Razor syntax and ASP.NET Web Pages. Now that’s a mouthful!

    What does WebMatrix 2.0 Beta bring?

    The beta version brings us a load of new, useful features to build sites even faster. I highly recommend watching the recording of the BUILD conference session: “WebMatrix: uber geek in designer clothes”.
    A pick out of the new features:

    Give it a try

    This is Beta, in that context there is no automated installation procedure foreseen so make sure you read the installation notes. It also means that you might have to manually uninstall previous versions. Other than that you should not be having issues with other programs. Note: if you prefer to continue using the released version 1.0, you can download it here.

    Download and try it out for yourself:

    1. Download and install WebMatrix 2.0 Beta
    2. Start building:
      1. Build your first site using Razor and ASP.NET Web Pages 2.0
      2. Start from an open source package like Umbraco, Drupal, WordPress or one of the many others available.
    3. Publish your site

    Recommended article: check out how Scott Hanselman is using WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor syntax to upgrade an old site: Rewriting a 5 year old VB.NET WebForms application as an ASP.NET Web Pages application with Razor


    Talk to us! Let the WebMatrix team know what you think should be added to the product at

    Create your website

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