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    Register for Web Camp Special Edition on May 3 – All New Content



    Join us on May 3rd for a special edition of Microsoft Web Camp to learn the latest on web development on the Microsoft Platform.  Place to be is the exquisite Event Lounge in Brussels.

    After the first Belgian Web Camp with Scott Hanselman keynoting in January 2011, as well as some local hands-on Web Camps the past few months by Kris van der Mast we now welcome another full day event with all new content.

    This European edition has speakers flying in from the Microsoft main offices: Brady Gaster (of Channel9 Web Camps TV fame) and Matthew Osborn currently working on NuGet. Expect a lot of code and great fun!

    Learn how to develop beautiful, interactive and scalable web sites using Microsoft’s web tools and platform including IE, ASP.NET, MVC, WebMatrix, Windows Azure and Visual Studio. Learn from experts and get the resources for publishing to the web.

    Quick preview of your camp content:

    • The Microsoft Web Stack
    • WebMatrix 2.0 – The Comprehensive Web IDE You Thought You’d Never Need
    • Creating Rich HTML 5 Experiences
    • Integrating Your Site with IE
    • Building Sites Using ASP.NET 4.5
    • Deploying Web Apps to the Cloud

    Check out the full program  & register as places are limited.


    We hope to see you on our campground !

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    Write up on the first Windows 8 Developer and Hackathon event in Belgium


    A good ten days ago on Friday 23rd of March 2012 we kicked off the Belgian developer events around Windows 8 Metro Applications. And from my standpoint: it was an event to count! 


    The Developer Day

    We started with a keynote by Giorgio Sardo presenting before a packed room. Giorgio introduced Windows 8 Platform, with some very cool demos along the way.

    After the keynote and a session on HTML5, Lieven Iliano took over with sessions on Windows Runtime for .NET Developers and Process Lifetime, Local Data and Roaming in Metro Style Apps.

    Our third speaker was Gill Cleeren covering Windows 8 Metro Style UI: controls, data views and Windows 8 Search and Share Contracts.

    To close off, I had the pleasure to talk about Tiles & Push Notifications in Metro apps. As I showed the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 which simplifies the development of your back-end, you can now watch the new video on Cloud Cover Show Episode 73 - Nick Harris on Push Notifications for Windows and give it a try.

    563298_10150742375425050_129685125049_11837535_783428983_n[1] 404056_10150742294845050_129685125049_11837332_1231801303_n[1]

    For your convenience we have uploaded the slides from the different presentations:


    Coding into the night

    You’d think most of the attendees want to head home after a full day of sessions. Not the case here. After sessions it’s time to get hands dirty and start coding your first apps. That’s just what about 100 of the attendees thought and they moved from attendees into coders after the beat of 6 o’clock.
    First hackathon is a fact, or should we say app-a-thon: De Nacht van Windows 8/La Nuit de Windows 8 (for non-Dutch of French-speaking: The Night of Windows 8). Believe us, in Dutch and French it even rhymes.

    What better way to apply the learning’s of the day than getting in front of the computer and start coding on your idea. We had several teams, some of two people, one up to 10 members big. Of course using Team Foundation Server or GitHub to work in group! There were apps in C# and XAML, and apps in HTML/JavaScript. And I learned some people master Blend in an amazing way!

    From a personal standpoint, this was a fantastic atmosphere and event leading to more than 10 apps fighting for the top prizes of the night, including a Windows Phone and helicopter flights.
    We saw teams working on apps for fun, developer tools, community, comics and more. You can have a look at NuGet Explorer from the MyGet team. I was truly amazed at the amount of work some teams got done in just an evening. Congras to all participants, and a big thank you for making this such a fantastic code night!

    We are currently planning some more hackathon events, please do let us know your feedback on this!

    306084_10150742197615050_129685125049_11837026_1031783247_n[1]  559386_10150742305225050_129685125049_11837392_1920625001_n[1]

    562516_10150742304725050_129685125049_11837386_343681283_n[1] And special branded M&Ms to give us power to code :)

    MEET members

    A special call-out to our Microsoft Extended Experts Team: a group of experts we recognize in Belgium and Luxembourg for their great work in the community. A mix of MVPs, User Group leads and overly active bloggers.
    The MEET group was one of the active participants in the hackathon and they have several Windows 8 related activities planned including several sessions, Community Day and an app contest by VISUG. 

    What’s next?

    I already mentioned the Metro Map previously, a full map of activities coming in the next few months around Windows 8 Platform. The Metro Map is now web based too, make sure to take a look at the forthcoming events and register because seats are limited.

    In the meantime we also kicked-off the two Calls for Project Windows 8 Apps at the MIC Brussels and MIC Mons. At this stage the introduction session is already done but you still have a possibility to sign up for the training and full project call schedule.

    But still, what’s next? How do you go from an idea into moving it into an app? How do you get your tokens to the Windows Store? All of this goes through our App Clinics, then App Excellence labs and in the last stage accessing Store tokens.

    App Clinics
    Twice a month you can meet with Microsoft Evangelists and experts to discuss your app, Metro UI, get access to devices for testing your app and more. Dates and sign-up info will be announced very soon.


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    Get your apps up: upcoming Windows 8 Metro Apps activities


    The first Belgian Windows 8 developer event did not go by unnoticed: a full day of sessions and a first code night with the Windows 8 Hackathon generating the first apps. But now is the time to get further: more technical sessions, hands-on labs and support from the local team to help you go from idea to app in the Store.

    I’m summarizing the main activities you can already register for, as we are moving to get even more content online.
    A good overview can already be found on our Metro Map, showing you the way in the coming months.

    1. Windows Camps at Microsoft and the Innovation Centers
    2. MIC Call for Projects Windows 8 Metro Style Apps: still a few seats
    3. MSDN Webcasts
    4. Community events


    1. Windows Camps

    2. MIC Call for Projects Windows 8 Metro Style Apps: still a few seats

    A Microsoft Innovation Center Call for Projects is a streamlined process to call for ideas, give you training and support going from technical to Metro Design guidelines and UX. In addition, by participating in a Call for Projects you have a privileged access to App Clinics (testing on devices, discussion of the app) which leads to a selection of apps to go through App Excellence Labs later in June. The Excellence Labs are currently the only ticket for getting Windows Store tokens.

    While the first info session has already been done end of March, there is still an opportunity to register. Make sure you register for each of the sessions separately in order to secure your full project call attendance.

    MIC Brussels Project Call (all in English)

    1. 16 April, 2012 09:00 — 17 Apr 17:00 – Windows 8 Metro Style apps - Hands-on Session
      Two full days of sessions and hands-on labs to build a Windows 8 Metro Style app in C#/XAML or HTML/JavaScript.
    2. April 24 2012 9:00 to 17:00 – Windows 8 Metro Style apps - Brussels - UX Workshops session 1 -—3
      Attention: date change!
    3. 14 May, 2012 09:00 — 17:00 – Windows 8 Metro Style apps- UX Coaching session 2 -
    4. 21 May, 2012 09:00 — 17:00 - Windows 8 Metro Style apps - Brussels - Developer Q&A session -


    MIC Mons Project Call (in French)

    1. 19 avril 2012 09:00 — 20 avr. 17:00 - Windows 8 Metro Style apps - Appel à projets – Windows 8 Hands-on training :
    2. 9 mai 2012 09:00 — 10 mai 17:00 - Windows 8 Metro Style apps - Appel à projets – UX Coaching sessions
    3. 16 mai 2012 09:00 — 17:00 - Windows 8 Metro Style apps - Appel à projets – Developer Q&A :

      3. MSDN Webcasts

        4. Community events

        But wait, there’s more! You’ll find some Summer Hackathons and more sessions on our online Metro Map. See you soon at one of our events or App Clinics.

        Don’t miss on the developer opportunity. Combining the broad reach of Windows, best-in-class developer tools, a reimagined user experience, support for new chipsets, and a built-in Store with industry-leading business terms — Windows 8 is the largest developer opportunity, ever.

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        Missed the Windows 8 Developer Day? Join us this week for Windows 8 Project Call info sessions


        Last Friday 23rd of March we kicked off a series of Windows 8 Metro developer events in Belgium with the Windows 8 Developer Day. My personal write up is coming. In the meantime, some people were asking for other events so here’s a quick post with some events coming very soon.

        1. Windows 8 Project Calls at Microsoft Innovation Center, in Brussels and Mons

        The Microsoft Innovation Centers in Brussels and Mons are organizing a Project Call for Windows 8 Metro Style applications. This includes a half day Info Session, to which you are welcome to register.

        The project calls include hands-on developer training in April (2 days), UX coaching on a 1:1 basis and developer Q&A as well as nomination to go through an App Review process and possible access to Windows Store tokens.


        2. More events planned by Microsoft

        More is coming! To get a glimpse, a full Metro Map with learning path, developer and other activities can be found here:


        You’ll find the registration links for these activities coming soon in the next weeks as we open up events for registration.

        In the meantime, if you are working on your first apps please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

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        Quick tip: Player Framework and Smooth Streaming for Windows 8 Metro (BETA)


        [Update 13 March: added the Smooth Streaming Client SDK info]

        The Microsoft Media Platform team has released the beta version of a Player Framework for Windows 8 Metro Style Applications. If you are building media applications for Windows 8 this is for you.

        What is the Player Framework? The Player Framework is an open source video player available for Silverlight, HTML5, Windows Phone, Xbox, and now, Windows 8 Metro-style applications.

        Update: in addition to the Player Framework you can now also download the Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta from Visual Studio Gallery, allowing you to build Windows 8 Metro Style applications that consume On-Demand and Live Smooth Streaming content with PlayReady protection. 

        More on the Player Framework:

        “This framework allows you to add advanced video playback features to your Metro style application using either the HTML/JavaScript or XAML/C# app models.

        The beta release focuses on core playback scenarios and baseline functionality. In our next release we will add more advanced features including SMPTE-TT/TTML/WebVTT closed captioning support, Advertising support via MAST, VAST, VPAID, and Microsoft's Universal Ad Client, and a number of other advanced features.”

        >> Download Player Framework for Windows 8 Metro (BETA)

        Download Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta
        Documentation: Getting started with an HTML/JS Player / XAML Player

        More resources for Windows 8:

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        TechDays 2012: session recordings, slides and content online


        If you missed TechDays 2012 in Belgium (Braine l’Alleud), there is no way to bring you back the whole 10th anniversary experience. That’s the bad news, the good news however is that we go a long way and bring you a recorded video of each of the sessions so you can learn from the best.

        From now on, you can
        browse all the sessions, view them online or download to your favorite media player and download the slides.

        TechDays Pictures

        TechDays Pictures

        TechDays Pictures

        TechDays Pictures

        TechDays Pictures

        We welcomed many top speakers like Scott Guthrie, Brian Keller, Jeff Prosise, Rob Miles, Steven Sanderson, Alex Turner, … in the developer track and Ward Ralston, Corey Heynes, John Craddock, … in the IT Pro track.

        Discover now

        Happy learning and feel free to share your thoughts about TechDays 2012 via #techdaysbe!

        PS. The Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET) made this awesome video, interviewing attendees and sharing their thoughts about TechDays 2012.

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        Register for the first Windows 8 Developer Day + Night of Windows 8 in Belgium March 23

        Windows8_DayNight_Logo    Night owl or day bird?
           Or rather both?

        Join us for the day-track to immerse and/or the night-track to start building!
        Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out and we have an exciting event for all kinds of developers.

        Be part of the first Windows 8 Developer Day in Belgium, a full day conference with technical sessions that dive into the platform for building Windows 8 Metro Style apps.

        You will learn first-hand how to use the new features in Windows 8 Metro apps to your advantage, the developer platform with C#, C++,  XAML , HTML and JavaScript and how to monetize and distribute your app.


        Your keynote speaker is Giorgio Sardo, HTML5 and Windows 8 Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

        Next to Giorgio you’ll also find Gill Cleeren and Lieven Iliano unveiling the details of the platform for Metro Style apps.

        When the sun sets, we dive into the night with the very first Nacht van Windows 8 / La nuit de Windows 8, an app-a-thon like you’ve never seen, with pizza’s and prizes :-)
        This is your opportunity to kick-start your first app either by yourself of in a group. All you need is to come packed with app ideas, a computer and we’ll foresee the energy drinks.

        Totally Windows 8. Totally free.


        Developer Resources: in the meantime you can get acquainted with Metro style apps

        Join the conversation using #win8devbe and see you then!

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        Windows 8: the official blogs to follow


        With the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview last week the path is open for developers and designers to start building Windows 8 Metro style apps. Partly for myself but hopefully useful for you too: I gathered a list of official (technical and developer) blogs to add to your RSS reader.

        Engineering Windows 8 Blog (B8): (RSS)
        An inside look from the Windows engineering team

        Windows 8 app developer blog: (RSS)
        Insights on building Metro style apps for Windows 8, by the Windows 8 engineering team

        Windows Store for developers: (RSS)

        For developing Metro style apps the following are also recommended blogs:

        The Microsoft Expression Blend team blog

        The Visual Studio Team Blog:

        IE Team Blog:
        The Internet Explorer blog, insightful and in-depth articles on IE internals, and HTML5, JavaScript…

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        ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta: Download, Resources, Single Page Applications


        During TechDays Belgium 2012 two weeks ago, Scott Guthrie announced the Beta release of ASP.NE MVC 4 slated for that same week. Since February 16th you can now download ASP.NET MVC4 Beta.
        Interesting to note is the availability of a Go-Live license with this release. In other words, if you feel like using these bits on production you now can!

        A few important updates and features are part of the Beta:

        • Bundling and Minification, brought to ASP.NET 4.5 and now also integrated into ASP.NET MVC 4. This allows you to build faster applications by minimizing the number of requests to the server (bundling requests).
        • Web API integration into ASP.NET: new support for creating HTTP REST services, has built-in support for content negotiation with support for JSON, XML and Form URL-encoded formats
        • ASP.NET Mobile support through custom view engines for mobile and jQuery Mobile integration.
        • Async and WebSockets: when using ASP.NET MVC 4 with .NET 4.5 and VS 11 you’ll also be able to take advantage of the new async and WebSocket support built-into .NET 4.5.
        • Single Page Applications: new in the beta is support for building better end-to-end experience for building applications with client-side interactions using JavaScript (Upshot, History.js) and the MVVM pattern (knockout.js). On the server side the ASP.NET NET Web API is used, mainly an abstract class DataController. Note this is a new project template type in experimental phase.
          For more information on creating Single Page Applications with ASP.NET MVC 4 I recommend you watch the fantastic session Steve Sanderson did during TechDays: Building rich Single Page Applications (SPAs) for desktop, mobile, and tablet with ASP.NET MVC 4. Worth watching until the end where Steve even shows an offline capable implementation using HTML5 application cache and offline storage. These latter ones however are not yet part of the beta.



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        Visual Studio 11 and .NET 4.5 Sneak Peek and beta date announced


        Today, S. Somasegar and Jason Zander gave a sneak preview of Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta, officially announcing Beta availability for February 29th 2012.

        More details on the announcement, TFS Express and the new UI.Four examples of a common visual language across multiple products 

        Looking for content?
        There were several sessions covering Visual Studio 11 (Developer Preview) features at TechDays Belgium 2012. All sessions are posted live on Channel9 and soon at



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        Quick tip: Windows Phone 7 Guidance - patterns & practices release


        The patterns&practices team at Microsoft has just released an update to last year’s Windows Phone Developer Guide. With release of Windows Phone 7.5, and the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK, the team has updated the guide to “A Case Study for Building Advanced Windows Phone Applications: Connecting with Cloud Services".

        This guidance is built for developers looking to developer high-quality software. It might be overkill if you are looking to develop a really simple Windows Phone application.

        In addition to the “Case Study for Building Advanced Windows Phone Applications: Connecting with Cloud Services”, the team has also spent time on guidance around “Building Testable Windows Phone Applications” as well as a piece of guidance on the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel): “Developing a Windows Phone Application using the MVVM Pattern”. There is full detailed  documentation as well as sample code and libraries.


        >> Go to Patterns & Practices: Windows Phone Guidance Home on MSDN
        >> On Codeplex:

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        Join the Belgian Experts and Microsoft Corp Product team for 12 hours of SQL Server 2012


        12hofsqlJoin us for the 12 hours of SQL Server 2012, the next release of the Microsoft Cloud-Ready Information Platform that is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2012. During the 12 hours of SQL Server 2012 we'll offer you 12 webcasts over 12 hours starting 12:12 CET on February 24th (too bad February 12th is a Sunday).

        Together with our 12 speakers, both local and international, we'll walk you through the all new innovations we're bringing to the platform, or as we call them "The Fantastic 12 of SQL Server 2012". Our speakers will dive into all the new things around Business Intelligence, Tier-1 Performance & Reliability, the Manageability enhancements and of course the Cloud readiness and integration of SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure.

        Make sure to Register Today and explore the next release of SQL Server 2012 together with us.


        Timing Title
        12:12-13:12 Partially Contained Databases
        13:12-14:12 An introduction to Data Quality Services (DQS)
        14:12-15:12 Power View from the Data Visualisation Perspective
        15:12-16:12 Building your first Analysis Services Tabular BI Semantic model with SQL Server 2012
        16:12-17:12 What's new in Integration Services 2012?
        17:12-18:12 Manageability Enhancements of SQL Server 2012
        18:12-19:12 Building the Perfect BI Semantic Tabular models for Power View
        19:12-20:12 SQL Server 2012 and Big Data
        20:12-21:12 Extending your data to the cloud
        21:12-22:12 Database Schema Management & Deployment using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
        22:12-23:12 Inside SQL Azure: Self Governing, Self-Healing, Massively Scalable Database Service in the Cloud
        23:12-00:12 Performance and High-Availability at Scale with SQL Server 2012
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        Bring your idea to life- turn it into an app (Windows Phone development)


        Need some extra developer content on Windows Phone 7? My colleague David Hernie has setup a set of training sessions from deep dives to Blend training to take your skills to the next level.

        Leveraging David’s post below:

        Windows Phone 7.5 brings dozens of new platform features to Windows Phone. When you have previously built an application for Windows Phone, you might ask yourself, "How do I take advantage of all these cool new features in my existing Windows Phone application?" Well, there are 2 ways to get your question answered:clip_image002


        • You prefer to have a real discussion with an expert and follow an intensive training ? Then this blog post is for you.
        • No, you don’t have the opportunity to release a couple of days or you want to do it at your space then I propose an online training.

        19- 20 March– Windows Phone 7.5 Deep Dive in the Platform –English – 2 days


        You are an experienced developer in Windows Phone or Silverlight. You want to go deeper and develop complex applications. This is the right place for you. No introduction, we suppose you are comfortable with the tools and technology. That means, no “Hello World”. That means no XAML introduction. But instead, we’ll dive in the features offered by the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. You’ll get your hands dirty while doing some hands-on labs, where you get the chance to apply your newly gathered knowledge.

        Speaker : Gill Cleeren

        Registration :

        Place : MIC Brussels

        3- 4 April – Windows Phone 7.5 – Design – All about Microsoft Blend – English – 2 days


        This training of 2 days will focus only on Blend Design almost not on writing C#

        With Expression Blend for Windows Phone, it has never been easier to create the user interface of your application; simply drag UI elements to the design surface where they can be quickly customized and styled, import assets from tools such as Adobe Photoshop and turn them into data driven UI elements before finalizing your UI with transitions and animation that bring your application to life users navigate from screen to screen.

        Speaker : Fons Sonnemans from Reflexion IT

        Topics detail :

        Place : MIC Brussels

        16-17 April – Windows Phone 7.5 Project call - Français -2 Days


        You are an individual, student or a company, your goal is to acquire a new competence This is for you - No marketing blabla - 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and market your Windows Phone 7 Apps. One day to go deeper in Windows Phone features like Second tiles or notification. You will receive a token, coaching, even a phone if you publish some applications

        Speaker Christophe Peerens

        registration :

        Place : MIC Mons

        4-5 June – Windows Phone 7.5 Project call - Francais -2 Days


        You are a student individual or a company, your goal is to acquire new competencies This is for you - No marketing blala - 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and market your Windows Phone 7 Apps. One day to go deeper in Windows Phone features like Second tiles or notification. You will receive atoken & coaching

        Speaker Christophe Peerens

        registration :

        Place : MIC Mons

        You need more …. like Dev tokens, phone to develop & test, advise, visibility .. Just ask me or just be curious – Follow David on twitter

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        TechDays 2012: Scott Guthrie for developer opening session and content updates


        Less than one month to go! As we approach TechDays 2012 be sure to secure your spot before we sell out! The full agenda is now available: we invite you to have a closer look and pick your favorite sessions.
        Note: keep in mind minor changes to the agenda are still possible. Make sure to check online for the latest version.
        As you can imagine, we’re very happy to announce that for our 10th anniversary edition we got a special gift ... Scott Guthrie (aka The Gu) will deliver the Opening Session for developers on February 14! That’s not all, you can enjoy two extra breakouts by Scott as well: a session on ASP.NET MVC 4 as well as “ScottGu Unplugged”. Come prepared with your questions!

        Opening Session by Scott Guthrie

        Top Speakers

        Join a mix of international third-party and Microsoft speakers paired with some of our local heroes. Some names are:

        • In the Developer track: Alex Turner, Brian Keller, Bart De Smet, Scott Guthrie, Gill Cleeren, Jeff Prosise, Maarten Balliauw, Matt Milner, Ben Riga, Steve Sanderson, Rob Miles, Tarek Madkour, Nick Harris, …
        • In the IT Professional track: John Craddock, Kurt Roggen, Ilse Van Criekinge, Adam Hall, Corey Hynes, Kim Oppalfens, Mike Resseler, Dan Holme

        TechDays Full Agenda Now Available

        This year promises to bring a lot of new content from Microsoft. Looking at the next versions of tooling, languages, OS and management you know this is not a standard TechDays event. Our content is split into current and upcoming technology. You can take advantage of filtering options on the website in order to build your custom agenda by adding sessions to your calendar through the export icon. By choosing a filter on the main themes you can have your Chinese sessions menu.

        Register now

        Deep Dives (February 16)

        Peter Himschoot and Jurgen Postelmans (U2U) will be delivering a full day deep dive covering all the latest and greatest in .NET 4.5, focusing on Web Development with ASP.NET (both WebForms and MVC), HTML5 and WCF. Come spend a full day with us to dive into next-generation web development.

        Rhonda Layfield
        will be delivering a full day deep dive covering all the different tools and techniques to deploy Windows 7, she will also cover the upcoming Windows OS deployment tools.

        Mike Resseler & Tom Shinder
        will deliver a full day covering private cloud topics, including Management and Operations of your private cloud infrastructure.

        Please note that 1 day tickets for the Deep Dives Day are SOLD OUT. Other packages are still available: register here
        Entrepreneur Track (February 15)

        New at TechDays 2012 is the Entrepreneur Track: a full day to learn from best practices in the industry, meet the owners of successful startups and learn from their experiences as an IT entrepreneur.

        This track is organized in close collaboration with the Microsoft Innovation Centers – the MICs are supporting entrepreneurs and startups to boost their IT projects into a successful business enterprises.

        It is possible to register separately for this track. MIC members should contact the MIC directly as there is an offering from the MIC.

        Dynamics Sessions (February 14)

        In an effort to broaden the topics of the conference there will also be 3 sessions about Microsoft Dynamics on the TechDays agenda. All 3 of them are scheduled on February 14:

        10:45 – 12:00
        Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Better Together
        Wim Coorevits

        13:00 – 14:15
        Integrating on premise Line Of Business applications with CRM Online
        Sam Vanhoutte

        14:30 – 15:45
        Extending the reach of your Microsoft Dynamics AX Application with the next-gen tools
        Jeroen Doens

        About TechDays 2012   

        Join our 10th anniversary edition in a new location (Kinepolis Imagibraine - Braine l'Alleud) and learn about:

        • Tooling and languages with Visual Studio, C# and VB Futures  (.NET 4.5 and Dev11)
        • Cloud development with Windows Azure Platform
        • Windows 8 Metro Style applications runtime and apps
        • Web development with HTML5, JavaScript and ASP.NET
        • Windows & Internet Explorer
        • Windows Server 8 & Hyper-V
        • Windows Phone 7 development
        • System Center 2012 & Windows Intune 

        Questions? Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or simply via e-mail.

      12. Katrien's MSDN Blog

        Deadline approaching for student competition “The Imagine Cup 2012” (cross posting)


        If you are a student or a teacher, this is something you should make sure to read. My colleague Lieve Goedhuys has the full post on the Academic Belux blog.

        Leveraging the information below:


        image The StudentsAppsVenture contest has just been closed, or another very renowned international competition is waiting for you : “Imagine Cup 2012”. In addition to the prestigious category “Software design”, there are 4 other very interesting competitions in which you can participate as individual student or in groups up to 4 participants.

        Sign up for the Imagine Cup. It is an amazing experience!

        What makes it so exciting ?

        • You work on a topic that interest you the most – though related to “millennium development goals” ( eradicate poverty and hunger, education for all, sustainability, improve maternal health, reduce child mortality, ..)
        • You will use all various skillsets : project management, technical development and communication skills
        • You discover in-depth the technology and will be encouraged to go the extra mile, via e-learning and or coaching
        • You will be able to network with peers ( participating students and academic coaches)
        • Big prizes : the best Belgian teams in each category will be able to join the international contest in Sydney from July 6-10. Travel and participation costs will be completely covered for you. On top of that, the best international team (being the winners of each category) can win a prize ranging from 3.000USD up to 25.000USD!

        How can you participate ?

        There are different categories, with focus on different technologies. You will certainly find the category that fits best your core skills/interest.

        Have a look at the different categories, presented in a nutshell.

        You can still register, but act now : select carefully your category and topic to work !


        Short description


        DEADLINE for registration and 1st round

        Software design

        In this ultimate category, participants will develop innovative, dynamic and powerful software applications. It is the ideal competition to demonstrate your ideas and technical ingenuity.


        March 13, 2012

        Windows Phone Challenge

        Develop a Phone App (Imagine Cup theme). Ensure it is a practical application with a strong content and an appealing look and feel.


        March 13, 2012

        Azure challenge

        Use the Azure Cloud computing platform in an innovative way to develop a powerful web application that answers one of the challenges of the millennium targets.


        March 13, 2012

        Game design: Xbox/Windows

        Create a “fun game” that illustrates the Imagine Cup themes. Above all, the game should be fun to play and illustrate how technology can impact positively the world in which we live.


        February 14, 2012

        Game design phone competition

        Develop a creative and technically unique phone game in line with the Imagine Cup themes. Do not forget a high fun factor !


        February 14, 2012

        For all categories, except Software design, the will be a first and second round, managed completely by Microsoft Corp. Please read carefully through the info on each category to find out:

        Good luck.. and hope to see you and your teammates in Sydney !

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