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  • Blog Post: SSL Handshake and HTTPS Bindings on IIS

    Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ) also known as Transport Layer Security ( TLS ) is a cryptographic protocol which defines how 2 entities (client and server) communicate with each other securely. TLS is the successor of SSL. You can read more about it here:
  • Blog Post: Working with Wild Card Certificates

    Yesterday one of my colleagues came up to me with a simple problem regarding wild card certificates. I gave him the solution immediately, but it had to take a lot of convincing to do. This shows that there is a lot of confusion around how wild card certificates work. For first time readers, wildcard...
  • Blog Post: SSL Scalability with IIS 8 (Windows 8 Server)

    Kaushal Kumar Panday Kaushal Kumar Panday 4 49 2012-08-08T07:40:00Z 2012-08-08T08:29:00Z 1 722 4119 34 9 4832 15.00 Clean Clean false false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE ...
  • Blog Post: Taming the Beast (Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS)

    Two researchers recently discovered a known vulnerability that existed in CBC based ciphers, but was considered theoretically impractical, until then. This vulnerability exists in all CBC based ciphers used in SSL V3/TLS 1.0 . The researchers Juliano Rizzo and Thai Duong demonstrated proof-of-concept...
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