Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Coded UI Test plugin for Silverlight can be downloaded from the visual studio gallery page


Currently, there seems to be an issue with logging feature of the plugin.

After installing the plugin you might find the trace logs turned on by default, which would lead to a large test output. Unfortunately there is no configurable setting that you can use to set the level of logging you want. Changing the trace levels in qtagent.exe.config will not help either, since that is not linked to the plugin’s logging mechanism. However, if you are willing to completely turn off the trace logs, you can use the below workaround for now.

Removing the Trace listener from the Listeners collection will turn the trace logs off.

Please use the below code before you call your test methods, to achieve this:


The output might still contain a few lines that get logged during plugin load. But this this would turn off anything that gets logged after that.

Please do note that this clears the Listeners collection and would also turn off any Trace logs that you might have added in your code.