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September, 2006

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This is Kavita Kamani's blog. She works at Microsoft. Everything here, though, is her personal opinion and is not read or approved by Microsoft before it is posted. No warranties or other guarantees will be offered as to the quality of the opinions or anything else offered here.

On this blog, you will find information about WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), more popularly known as Indigo; and also on WF (Windows Workflow Foundation), concentrating on Rules.

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    Where do Rules fit in a Workflow?

    A workflow has a bunch of activities. Some activities like the If-Else activity or the While activity have a confition. This condition is really part of a business process "rule". Eg. if the condition models a check for OrderQuantity being over a certain...
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    Why workflows?

    Workflows are used to model business processes. Anything you can think of from order processing, car rentals approvals, and the like are process-oriented systems that can benefit from workflows. You might wonder why you need workflows because you can...
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    RC1 Windows SDK docs are live!

    Get it here: http://windowssdk.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/default.aspx Feedback welcome! Here are quick links to WCF and WF docs / samples: WCF: Docs : http://windowssdk.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms731082.aspx Samples : http...
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    With WCF RC1 out the door last week , I changed roles from being a test lead for the WCF Transports, Channels and Message feature to being a Program Manager on the WF Rules team. I'm excited to start on my new role, and in a new space. I'll be working...
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    WCF Ships RC1!

    Last week, the WCF team finally signed off on RC1. WCF was a long product cycle, I personally have been with the team for about 4.5 years and there are folks who've been with the team for 6 years! We're now in escrow. It felt great to finally lock down...
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