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April, 2007

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About Krzysztof Cwalina

Krzysztof Cwalina is a Principal Architect on the .NET Framework team at Microsoft. He started his career at Microsoft designing APIs for the first release of the Framework. Currently, he is leading the effort to develop, promote, and apply the design guidelines to the .NET Framework. He is a coauthor of Framework Design Guidelines (Addison-Wesley, 2005). Reach him at his blog at

  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Nullable<bool> usage guideline

    I am starting to work on some updates to the framework design guidelines related to new framework and language features added in .NET 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5. One of such additions are the nullable types (Nullable<T>). Coincidentally, somebody asked...
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Nourishing Creativity

    For those who haven’t heard about it, TED is a multidisciplinary conference for experts from technology, entertainment, and design industries. They just updated their web site and while browsing around it I found this very interesting presentation about...
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