It’s been pretty crazy around here since I got back from vacation. Apart from the re-entry problems you expect after being away for three weeks, we ran into a problem with the publication of the Software Factories book. The manuscript was just about to go to the printers when we realized not all the permissions had been granted! So, a couple of weeks ago, Jack and I had about three days of complete panic scurrying around other publishers and organizations trying to get the last of these done. This included finally contacting a very nice man at the London Transport Museum (we’d used the LT Underground and Bus maps to illustrate a discussion on abstraction) who gave us permission to use the images on payment of 80 pounds per image, which Steve Cook in the UK managed to pay, using Jack’s credit card, in the nick of time. But after frantically redrawing images for which permission wasn’t received and other crazy stuff, we did get everything together at the last minute in time to get the Book printed in time for OOPSLA 04. The Book should now hit the stores on September 15th, we’re told. Here’s the details on Amazon.


We are delivering a tutorial on Software Factories at the OOPSLA 04 conference, along with some other fun events with other presenters. Drop by and see us if you’re interested. Of course, the week before last, we were once again up against a last-minute deadline to get the material for this tutorial into the conference committee. Jack is also doing a keynote at the concurrent GPCE conference, and running a half-day tutorial with Krzysztof Czarnecki. More rushing to get materials finished …


Last week was interrupted by me taking a couple of days to take my daughter to College as a new Freshman (she’s gone to Willamette University in Oregon).  We’re very happy for her and of course very proud parents, and the University is wonderful, but I have been completely taken aback by the emotional wrench of leaving her there.


Now this week we are again against a deadline to produce materials for a review with Bill Gates we have planned for next week. Ah well, such is life here J.