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May, 2007

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Keith Kinnan is a Software Development Lead on the Bing Maps platform team for Microsoft. He leads a team that develops Bing Maps controls and web services to provide location-based services to application and platform developers.  Keith has over 10 years of software development experience in the industry developing enterprise web applications and services.  This blog discusses Bing Maps, the Bing Map Control API's, and any technology related to the Bing Maps platform.




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    Virtual Earth API: Creating Numbered Pushpins

    Many people have asked how to create numbered pushpins using the Virtual Earth API. One way to do this is to have custom pin images with numbers in the image. However, you can also do this in the v5 API using VEShape and custom HTML and CSS styles for...
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    Virtual Earth API: Using Tile Layers

    In the v3 version of the Virtual Earth API, we added support for custom Tile Layers, which allows you to add your own custom imagery and overlays on the map. One of our developers, Jaya Bhatia blogged about Tile Layers with the v3 Virtual Earth API...
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    Virtual Earth Screen Saver

    Check out the Virtual Earth Screen Saver I created and uploaded on CodePlex , Microsoft's open source project website. The screen saver reads Virtual Earth permalinks from RSS feeds and uses the Virtual Earth API to show Birdseye and satellite images...
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    Virtual Earth API v5 Script URL

    If you have noticed, the script URL to use for the v5 version of the Virtual Earth API has changed from the format of previous versions. The Previous v3 and v4 versions of the API used the following format: <script src="
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    Microsoft Popfly

    Check out Microsoft Popfly which was released Alpha today and is powered by Microsoft Silverlight ! You can easily create mashups, gadgets, and web applications using visual tools without writing any code. To generate an application you connect services...
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