Microsoft Virtual Earth is now officially known as “Bing Maps”.  You can see the Bing logo on the Bing Maps website (formerly known as Live Search Maps) and on the Bing Maps Interactive SDK .  You can see the SDKs for the Bing Maps Web Services and the Bing Map Control 6.2. The Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control CTP will remain “Virtual Earth” for now since it is a CTP, but will be part of the Bing Maps platform when the next release is available.

For more details on the change from Virtual Earth to Bing Maps, check out this blog post from Chris Pendleton on Bing Maps which has a nice video discussing the new name and check out Bing!.


Bing Maps Interactive SDK 

Bing Maps Interactive SDK


Bing Maps

(Note: This post is also available on the Bing Maps Platform Team Blog)