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June, 2010

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Keith Kinnan is a Software Development Lead on the Bing Maps platform team for Microsoft. He leads a team that develops Bing Maps controls and web services to provide location-based services to application and platform developers.  Keith has over 10 years of software development experience in the industry developing enterprise web applications and services.  This blog discusses Bing Maps, the Bing Map Control API's, and any technology related to the Bing Maps platform.




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    New Bing Maps Platform Updates

    Today we are announcing a lot of updates to the Bing Maps platform including the new Bing Maps REST Services , the new Bing Maps Spatial Data Services , the v6.3 Bing Maps Ajax Control , an update to the Bing Maps Silverlight Control , and the new Bing...
  • Keith Kinnan's Blog

    Bing Maps at TechEd 2010

    Come learn about Bing Maps at Tech Ed this week! Several members of the Bing Maps team are out at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans from June 7-10. Stop by the Bing booth and learn about the latest from Bing Maps!
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