In case you missed the news, last week we released the Bing Maps WPF Control version 1.0.   Here is the original announcement from the Bing Maps Blog: Announcing the Bing Maps Windows Presentation Foundation Control v1.

The Bing Maps WPF control allows you to build Bing Maps applications using managed code for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.  The interface supports multi-touch with rotation, translation, and scaling and also works with the Microsoft Surface.

We have added several bug fixes and improvements since the Beta release last August including the following:

  • Added MapTileLayer class so you can add your own custom tile layer overlays to the map
  • Added MercatorMode class so you can instantiate a map control with no default tile overlay. You can use this with the MapTileLayer to show your own tiles as the base map overlay.
  • Added SSL support to the Map.  See Map.UseHttps and Maps.UriScheme properties for more details.
  • Added support for hiding the scale bar control overlay. See ScaleVisibility property on the Map.
  • Improved map panning inertia so it now works with the mouse as well as touch.  You can turn on map panning inertia with the UseInertia property on the Map.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Beta and gave us feedback. We were able to make a lot of the improvements you suggested on the Bing Maps Development forum.

You can download the control here: Bing Maps Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Control version 1.0

For more details see the Bing Maps WPF Control SDK